Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Egrets and a broken nose

On Monday we finished sorting steers from heifer pairs. The steer pairs headed North, the heifer pairs headed South. My best cowgirl Bandit was in the lot helping me sort and  take pairs out the gate. She did so awesome. All I had to say was follow em out the gate. Boom, right behind them she'd go and come right back to me. Then she got a little cocky and got kicked right in the chops! Not once, but TWICE! The first time, you could tell it hurt. And hurt bad! I checked her out, no blood, no damage and all her teeth were still there. Tuesday she had a swollen face and bent nose. Today I took her to the V E T. She likes going to the vet. Maybe "like" isn't the right word? How about tolerates? :) He fixes her up and makes her feel better. Luckily she didn't break her nose or jaw or anything else. And all her teeth are still intact and will stay put. They are not loose. Thank goodness. Just bruised. Poor girl! She looks awful. But she will heal. She got some anti inflammatory stuff and muscle relaxers. And no biting cows for at least a week! Maybe she will have learned from this. Naw, she's a heeler! Hard headed, tough, mean and loyal!

Here's her swollen little mug.

There must be fish in the creek! Saw 6 of these Egrets today when we were moving heifers and bulls.

Can you see me?

Here I am.

One of the boys.

Oh yea. Cameron got stung twice in the neck by a wasp! LOL! Not funny. Thank goodness he's not allergic! Does any one else have an unusual number of wasp's this year? We sure do. They are EVERYWHERE!

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  1. The poor puppy. It's hard because they can't tell us much about their hurt.

    We don't get egrets here. They're very beautiful birds. We had very few wasps this year.

  2. Poor Bandit...give her an extra snack for me! I just hate seeing my pets hurt. It is about as bad a sick child. As for bees and wasps...I have not noticed a large number of them but I have been no where to notice. That does not sound fun at all to get stung in the neck!

    Believe it or not, there used to be a wasp that built in the apple trees...always the Gala. And no, they were not a hornet...not even half the size of a hornet. Not a lot bigger than a yellow jacket...this one year one stung me on the back of my hand, my hand stayed swollen for days, and it hurt clear up my arm almost to my elbow...just right down in the bone. I have been stung by bees, yellow jacktets, other wasps, and a hornet one time...never a bumble bee...but of all those, that sting is the worst I ever had.

  3. Oh poor Bandit I have been kicked a few times and it really does hurt. Never in the face thank goodness I am taller than Bandit:)Hope he heals quickly. Oh love the Egrets. Sorry about the stings yes they are abundant here too this year. Awesome shots. B

  4. Glad Bandit is okay! A little hit to the chops is better than an unfixable blow to the shoulder. Hope she heals quick.

    I have not noticed many wasps here, but my Mom and Dad have had a few.

    We are moving hay and getting ready to plant winter wheat. Our corn is getting close to being ready to chop and we need to precondition calves. Nothing like coming back from vacation to jump into the business of fall.

  5. I hope Bandit feels better soon. Poor little feller! I love the pictures of the Egrets. I rarely ever see them here in Central KY.

  6. Oh poor pathetic Bandit! I hope she feels better soon- but yeah, I agree it won't stop her from doing her job. Tough dogs, those heelers.
    We have a plethora of wasps here this year- waaaay too many! My stud pen has a square tubing panel gate, and the hole where I slide the gate latch has wasps crawling in and out. We sprayed brake cleen in it, worked for a while but I noticed the other day they were back. We have a lot of nests to clean out of the woodshed before we load it up with out winter's wood.

  7. When my heeler was a pup, he was following my horse too closely, and he kicked him and boom, lights out for 3 days. I thought he was a goner but he pulled through with a bad headache for a week. Bandit is a tough one. :)

    What kind of fish do you have in your creeks? Mostly trout around here.

  8. Poor little pup. So swollen, and yes, we have way to many wasps!

  9. Poor Baby! I just knew you were going to say your nose was broken....THANK HEAVENS IT ISN'T!!! But still it sure looks sore! Makes me want to pet her.


  10. Oh my gosh, on the wasp thing, they were quite cozy in the panel gate where I kept the filly I was riding for my dad. Every single time I opened that freaking gate they got me! (Pretty much every day). I hate those guys!

  11. Working cattle can be hazardous to your health. In the last two years, my hubby has had a broken arm after a run-in with a bull and I've had a broken toe when a fence post fell over on it. So I can certainly relate to poor Bandit's situation! I hate wasps; my mom says it is because I got stung as a baby.

  12. Poor Bandit!

    We haven't had any wasp this year... which is odd, they are usually swarming bad this time of year.


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