Saturday, September 14, 2013

Swimming pools need a hitch

Yep. As the Old Guy says, " If you get a swimming pool, make sure it has a hitch so you can get it the hell outta there when it causes problems"! LOL!
Our pool (which is 35 yrs old), has been leaking from a jet, that we know. Then, the flower bed started getting wet. Soggy wet. Thought it was a sprinkler line. Started digging up the line. Nope. When we turned the pool on, water leaking everywhere. Could ya all hear the cussin? LOL! We called around and found this wonderful place called American Leak Detection. The kid came out, hooked some stuff up and wham! Told us exactly where the leak was, what was leaking, and how much of the concrete we needed to cut out. He was right on the mark. Saved us a whole lotta headaches.  Since my "pool boy" had fixed the big leak, he kept the momentum going and fixed the jet too!  When he uncovered the big leak, he came unhinged! They used poly pipe instead of PVC! DOH! And a nylon "T". So he replaced it with steel fittings. He is such a genius! We are now filling the pool back up and will test the repairs. (fingers crossed).

All put back together.

Tools of the trade. Knee cushion and saw.

Pool boy putting them to use.

Pool boy taking the cut up concrete out. Yea, my pool boy wears cowboy boots and wranglers! :)

Tonight's sunset.

I darkened this one. I kinda like it! Looks like fall.

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  1. Glad you found all the leaks and 'pool boy' could fix them. Now the water will be too cold to dive in. LOL
    Sunset and broken Sumac make for an interesting pic. I like it darkened too. M

  2. Yay for technology making things easier- and pool boys in Wranglers! ;)

  3. It's nice to know that there is some technology that can find leaks and that we don't have to redo the whole pool. Great sunset shots. Fall is a great time for colorful sunsets

  4. I'm glad you didn't have to tear everything up, just that one spot! Great sunset shots! You could frame them!


  5. Oh, my, I LOVE that sunset!!!!

    Glad you had a pool boy to fix the leaks, replace the parts that needed replaced. Bet you are glad it is done!

  6. What a handy pool boy, everyone needs one of them :)

  7. Some of these guys are amazing... to be able to pinpoint a leak like this! Great sunset shots, too.

  8. Oh those last two shots are amazing. Your pool guy is too:) Good job I have one just like that handy eh:) B

  9. Sorry about your pool problems . . . but those two last photos stole my heart away. Absolutely beautiful! I am delighted that you had our camera ready :)
    Thanks for stopping by to visit. I love company :) About the storm Sunday evening, I do think that Ritzville and Othello . . . might have got the worst of it. Othello was without power for over 48 hours. The wind can really pick up speed traveling across this desert of our.
    I am picturing you and your husband riding your horses off into the amazing sunset :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. The kids grew up, we took the pool out. Love your sunset pictures, just beautiful!

  11. Good thing your pool boy is so efficient and the job was tackled professionally. I can only imagine how much headache having to dig out the whole pool just to determine where the great leak is coming from. While swimming pools serves as a great place to hang out with the family, or to simply relax, having it built will all things covered (like the pipe lines aligned ideally so prevent leaks), you sure will enjoy more fun time swimming.
    Floy @ Orlando Pools by Design

  12. Must have been such a relief to have someone over who could pinpoint what exactly was wrong with your plumbing! Good thing he detected the leak quickly and repaired it right away. Otherwise, it would have cost you big time on your water bills, not to mention any repairs you might have needed in the future. Kudos to your all-around pool boy!

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools


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