Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Wall says it all

Yesterday was "The Old Guys", (Cameron's Dad) 75th birthday! We had a little shin dig at the house here. It was nice. A lot of laughter and stories. More stories and yeah, some more stories. HA!
One of his gifts was this AWESOME painting. Painted by a friend. Given to him by his daughter.
That is Jake on his trusty steed Feathers.
He has to be one of the hardest working men I know.
This painting is so awesome. The writing on the wall is actual writing on a wall at the barn. That wall has so many memories written on it. Good and bad. And she captured it perfect. Even nailed everyone's handwriting down!

Here is the photo and the writing on the wall.

Happy Birthday Jake!!!!!!

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  1. Happy 75th to Jake! I love, love, love that painting. You could do a photo a day of the barn wall...and I would love and study each one.

  2. Happy Birthday Jake!!!
    Super painting. Great idea of using the wall and good ole Feathers.
    Tell him we said Hello. M & B

  3. Oh Happy Birthday Jake.
    That is the best present anyone could ever receive it is truly beautiful. That wall is history. Hug B

  4. Wow! What a wonderful gift! I just love the history and the memories encapsulated in the painting. Our daughter is 29 today. How is THAT possible!? And, my niece is in labor right now, so Jill will have a birthday buddy. September is getting crowded with birthdays in our family, too. Happy 75th! He sounds like a special guy.

  5. WOW! That is a very nicely done painting and a wonderful gift! Happy Birthday to your FIL!!!!


  6. I'll say she nailed it. Being 75 in a few days, I admire how he can work at such challenging activities.

  7. OH, what a fabulous gift that had to be!!!!

  8. That is a great gift. Lots of special memories there. Happy birthday to your dad.


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