Friday, September 26, 2014

My workin' girl

We worked the steers today and I let Spook do all the work! HA! I am SO impressed with her. She has it down. Not afraid of the cows. And LOVES to work. It was a LONG LOOOOONG day! My arse is a draggin'!

We had a light layer of fog this morning.

Then down to get the horses caught and head out to get all the steer pairs in.

Waiting for cows to come down outta the rocks. That's Spook laying down tempting the calves! HA!

Uh - Oh! Here comes mama!

Retreat a little. Give her some space. No need for her to chase you.

Turn around and give her the stink eye!

Curious calves in the corrals.

Leo and I, and Spook. Pushing calves in the barn. Babies waiting to go up the alley, to the chute to get their vaccinations.

Spook and lil blackie having a conversation. Spook won! Good girl. Holding her ground.

Ahhhhhhh!!! All done! Time to cool down in the creek. A shower for me!

Leo taking a dust bath.

The reflection of the setting sun on the eastern hills. A beautiful fall day to work calves. Doesn't get any better then this!

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  1. Like that curious calves looking on.

  2. You put together a good set of photos to describe your hard work. Nicely done!

  3. Very nice, good Spook! A good dog is like 3 good hands. Sounds like a very long day but your calves sure are looking good! and the prices are they as good there as they are here? Sounds ridiculous we have another month before we wean and sell calves but its coming up shortly.

  4. Got some goats yesterday. They are going to clean out some woods for me.At a motel with 2 dawgs, and they are having fun.

  5. Great set of photos...I have wondered what type of camera do you use. I was figuring a point and shoot for ease of carrying. All I can say is, you take some great photos with it whatever it is. I love the lighting in the last photo...also the fog in the first.

  6. Sounds and looks like a perfect day! Good girl Spook!

  7. thanks for taking us along on your day.

  8. What a great journey through your day that was. I really enjoyed all your photos.

  9. Good Girl! Boy, do I ever miss those days!




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