Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Interupted plans

We headed out to start moving the steers closer to the corrals when we saw a huge smoke cloud.
Called around and yep, hang on ponies! Zipped back to the barn, unloaded the ponies, headed home to get the tanker truck and we were off!! Riding will have to wait until tomorrow.
They were mowing the CRP and something went amiss and a fire started. I don't know how much burned. But it was windy and that's never good!
Here are some pictures of the fire's aftermath.

The "Old Guy" manning the hose!

Its always nice when a farmer shows up with a disk. They go around the perimeter of the fire to create a fire line.

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  1. Sure covered a lot of ground in a hurry- darn wind!

  2. Never a dull moment at your place...some of the excitement I am sure you could do without!

  3. Fire at this time of year is certainly scary. Your community is very well organized to fight a fire.

  4. No doubt it would've done way more damage without y'all's efforts!

  5. Thank goodness it was able to be extinguished!! That could have gotten out of hand very quickly.

  6. I'm sure you are "holding your breath" everyday against fire. The beautiful yellow clover that made our prairie yellow is now a dry and brittle potential fire danger. They keep telling us about "fire danger" status on the news; so far we have been lucky.


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