Friday, September 12, 2014

Cow Fences

As you can see, I live and work on a cattle ranch. We raise beef. So, there are a lot of different fences around here. Your typical barb wire, hog wire, wood and repurposed rail road rail used for the posts with cattle panels welded onto them. That makes an awesome fence! No rot and the bulls can't damage them!
Here's a peek at some of them. Cows included! :)

Moving heifers to a new pasture. Barb wire fence with the gate to the left.

Cows and calves at the corrals. The rail road fence in the back.

The corrals. Wood with metal gates. This is where we sort cattle on foot.
Baby calves behind the gates.

The corrals and scales. We can weigh the calves and cows or anything else that will fit on the scale!

Leo and Junior tied to the fence.

A curious cow peeking into the backyard.

Darn it!!! I missed the timeline to post for fences! Oh well......Go ahead anyways and
hop on your pony and go see some other fences and gates at The run around ranch!

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  1. Love the open countryside and beautiful wide sky in the first photo!

  2. I particularly like the curiousity in that last shot.

  3. You must spend half your time fencing!

  4. Yeah, fences- can't live without them when you have livestock! You can tell how good a farmer or rancher is by the condition of his fences. They may not always be pretty but a good stockman will keep his fences mended and strong.

  5. I like all your fences. And cows too. And babies. Goodbye!!

  6. I like them all but that top one is my favorite...just love seeing where you live and work.

    Link this next week...

  7. Worked all last weekend putting new fence up around a pasture .

  8. Attach this next Thursday!!! OR email Teresa she will attach for you!


  9. There are lots of shapes, sizes and types of fences on a ranch. Many have a story too. The ole "Dad and Grandpa put this 2 wire up as a bluff" story is one of my favorites. Apparently it was a successful bluff as 50 years later there is still a 2 wire fence around the winter pasture.

  10. I love the photo of Leo and Junior, and also of that amazing sky in the first shot!

  11. Fences, we really can't do without them, that is for sure. I love the wide open spaces you have, and of course the cattle. Must be wonderful to be able to ride out on all that land. I sometimes wish we didn't have quite so many trees, but then I sorta think that is what makes the each country unique.


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