Thursday, September 18, 2014

A long day working calves

Yesterday we worked a group of heifers that are headed outta here on the 7th. Headed to Nebraska again. They all got their booster vaccinations. It was a long day but well worth it.
We started outta here around 10:30am riding. The weather was pleasantly warm. By the time we got to the corrals to sort the calves off the cows, it was down right HOT! Pushing calves into the chute there was NO breeze through the barn! It was hot. Took about 3 hours to get er done. Then to push the cows outta the lots, back to pasture and get the horse trailer. ahhhhhh! Done. Just to do the other set of heifers Friday! Then the whole group of steers.

Cows bawling for their babies.

Cows looking for babies in the barn.

Calves getting ready to go into the chute.

My trusted work partner, Leo waiting in the barn.

My little cowgirl Spook. She is becoming quiet the helper!

A great way to end the day! Roll in the dirt!



Yep, fall is here....Leaves in the driveway!

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  1. Awwww, we missed it this year. At least we're not in the way. LOL
    Leo's looking good. M

  2. loud, hot, dusty, long day, i bet! thanks for linking this!

  3. lots of hard work but the pictures are happy!

  4. There always seems to be something going on at a farm. Enjoyed seeing what you do. Loved the cows looking for the babies and the horses rolling in the dirt. That always cracks me up.

  5. Can you hear yourself over the Momma cows and the calves! TEE HEE!!!


  6. That's hard work! Too funny seeing that horse rolling in the dirt. I can see where fences are important when working with these animals.

  7. One good job behind you, Cheri! Hope you get cooler weather to work steers in. Seeing the horses unwind must have made you smile. I hope you got a good hot shower after watching them dust.

    No matter how good or bad a day goes, every once in a while I get a "Awesome job today Rob" or "You did good today." Somehow usually said at just the right moment to melt my heart.

    J is a relatively neat person and tries not to add to my cleaning OCD. His Mom trained him well. J's not afraid to fold laundry, put dishes away or do other small things to help me out.

    Thanks for the Anniversary wish.

  8. the bawling of cows and calves at weaning time drove me crazy. What a noise.

  9. Looks like a lot of work, but you have some good-looking cattle and horses! The horses certainly know how to enjoy themselves after a long day's work!

  10. Lot's of Moo-sic to go along with the job! Leo has a beautiful eye, large and soft. Nice horse.

  11. I laughed at the roll-in-the-dirt shots!

  12. Fall makes us all a bit frisky.You have a good crew.

  13. Wow, Leo is beautiful. I say it always takes at least 1/2 a day to do anything with the cattle. That looked like and all day job.

  14. Leo looks ready to do the job himself with no direction from you! Is he ever at atttention! Love it when you show us your life!


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