Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finally A Breather

We've been busy, busy, busy.
Finally we have a little break. The bulls are turned out, the branding is done and the cows are all in their summer pastures. We are rotating the heifers every 7 - 10 days.
The weather has been typical spring weather. 80's for a few days, then the mid 60's with wind and a spit of rain.
We hopped on the 4-wheeler and took a spin through the cows to make sure everyone was doing good. All the calves looked good and all the bulls are healthy and happy looking.

Heading up the creek to check the heifers and bulls. Spotted a few turkeys. They are so funny. Especially when they are in full strut!

This is a dam at Sheep Springs. The creek. Cow Creek, comes from Sprague Lake, flows the length of the ranch and dumps into the Palouse River. I have never seen the water go over the dam. But it has in the past. It does go around the dam. We have 2 small syphon hoses that keep the creek flowing pretty much all year long.

Headed to the "highway" to go check the cows across the railroad tracks. Stopped at the neighbors to say hello to some of the bucking bulls and a few stud horses of the Flying 5/ Big Bend Rodeo. Here's a link to their face book page.

The wind picked up in the late afternoon and blew some cool clouds in.

The sun getting low in the western sky, with rain to the east and we have an awesome rainbow!

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  1. Awesome rainbow is right. Wow!! Take some time and relax now. See you on the 9th. M

  2. Wow, that is an awesome rainbow. Beautiful pictures as usual.

  3. Your work is never done is it? I always love your stories and pictures on here. And I love that dam - is that stone? I've never seen a stone damn before!

  4. Love the cloud shot with the green grasses underneath.

  5. It's great to hear of your activities and how they make the operation run. Checking on cattle is very important and saves trouble later on. Send some warm weather my way please!

  6. Beautiful photos girl! Love the descriptions of your life. Makes me envious.

  7. Awesome pictures....I am trying to catch up...looking at all but not commenting on all.

  8. LOOK AT THAT STUNNING RAINBOW!!!!! What amazing colors!!! Yay for spring!!! Give me any season but winter any time!!!


  9. Oh, I recall the look of those stormy skies. Saw an awesome one while in the RV just south of Bozeman and the rainbow was off toward the Gallatin, or was that the Madison? Guess I need to return to refresh my memory, huh? Glad the herd is coming along fine. How's your arm?

  10. Wow, that rainbow was fantastic! Just beautiful pictures, love the horses and of course the clouds. Sounds like some ranch work is getting done, great for you!


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