Thursday, May 15, 2014

The sun & The Moon

Yesterday was a beautiful warm 80* day! Today was 85*! Tomorrow is suppose to be 85* again!
Loving this weather.

Yesterday we went to Cameron's parents house and took out a bunch of old ponderosa pine stumps.
Came home and sat on the back patio.

The view from the back patio.

Sat outside to watch the moon come up. It was absolutely stunning!

As was the sunset.

Today we rode Hillcrest pasture to gather the dries and dinks.  Tomorrow we will sort the dries off. Monday the dries will be going to town. When the dinks get a little bigger and older, we will vaccinate and brand them.

Cameron thought this was a cool picture of the sun with a contrail right through the middle!

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  1. Love those moon shots! Especially the one with the branches in the foreground. That's some serious warm weather. We had that earlier this week but it's back down in the 50s today (which I actually like lol).

  2. Cheri,

    The moon has been big, bright and pretty this week. It must have been the "right phase" for working calves as we had hardly any bleed when cut or implanted. The cattle paired back up pretty fast and we have had no problems.

    J's folks went back to the Hills for a few days, so I have been doing most of the calf checking myself. Yesterday we started seeding grass and I didn't get to one group of calves until mid-afternoon. The cattle were so content and happy soaking up the sunshine. I went to check the replacement heifers too, they are sassy on grass.

    Enjoy the small things in life, beautiful weather and time with Mr. C doing what you love. Maybe those really are the big things in life!

  3. That moon shot at the end was great. My furnace just went off, it is still cold at night.

  4. Dries I know. Dinks I've never head of. I agree with Cameron about the moon photo with the jet trail across it.

  5. Jeez!! You are getting too good at this stuff. Excellent shots. Ring around the sun means rain soon. think so?? Caused by sunlight passing through ice crystals in cirrus clouds within the Earth's atmosphere.
    Weird! M

  6. Beautiful photos! We have been enjoying unseasonably cooler weather this week. I'm much more a "springtime" kind of girl than a full-blown summer one. But it's supposed to climb on up again next week. Ready or not!

  7. Your moon and sun photos are outstanding!!!


  8. I would be sitting on the back porch if I were there, too! It has been too cool here. Yesterday it did not get above 60º and my daughter in California said it was 102º as she came home from work at 6:30 p.m.

  9. Oh I saw that big huge moon as I was driving it sure was a cool one but in the city so hard to get a pic of it and by the time i was out it was so high up and small again. Oh well it'll come around again in 29 1/2 days


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