Monday, May 26, 2014


This is NOT what you want to encounter when riding, or anytime!
There seems to be a huge rise in the rattle snake population this year.
Thank goodness we had a hand gun with bird shot. This was just a little guy. Had 5 rattles.

Are we at the beach? Nope.
The seagulls move in here on the meadows in the summer to eat little fish and grasshoppers.
Grasshoppers do so much damage to the grass. I swear they eat more then the cows! So these birds are kinda nice.

Today we got the angus bulls outta the heifers. The boys were pretty good sports. Well, except one of them! He decided to ditch us and go pout in the creek where the trees are the thickest! BRAT!
Smokey and Bandit coaxed him outta there and he loaded right up in the trailer. No pictures of that. Sometimes getting the bulls out can get pretty western! :)

We opened up the pool yesterday. YUCK! Although its a lot cleaner then I thought it would be. Chemicals and vaccuming should clean  it right up! YEAH!

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  1. Good thing the rattlesnake didn't bit anyone! I have always had a fondness for snakes. And those seagulls are a LONG way from the beach LOL

  2. No wonder you wear good quality cowboy boots. You have protection at the most vulnerable place. We have lots of seagulls as well. They tend to like the waste management site.

  3. I never thought of seagulls eating grasshoppers but I spose they would. Luckily we have not seen a rattler on our place (not too far away they have lots tho) just garters and an occasional bull snake but they are not venomous so I dont mind a few around.
    And a swimming pool! I am jealous

  4. Nice to have the pool ready, real hot here

  5. Good thing he had the gun. I don't think I would want to come upon one of those!

  6. I always enjoy the peak into your life on a real ranch. We are so tame here on the farm.


  7. I don't like to encounter any snakes. I'm not really afraid of them, but it's the startle factor. I found a big bull snake in the yard while mowing last week. Lucky for me J was still in the yard.

    The seagulls are pretty. Yeah that they eat grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are an inconsistent thing around here. Some years they migrate in some years they don't. Sometimes they are little hoppers other times they are the big ones. Either way they are destructive.

    Good Luck with the rest of your yard work.

  8. Can't believe that thing has six rattles, not that I don't see them. He just seems so little. Are they all on the smaller is probably a different variety to what we have in the east. And they probably run smaller. Not that they are huge here...but they are bigger than that.

    Well, I was trying to do a quick google thing to see what I can find...anyway, our family has killed several rattlers in TN over the years...and they were all much bigger than that, but would 6 or 7 rattles was the most any ever had that I can remember. I did find the following about the rattle...which leads me to wonder if they molt more than once a year:

    The rattle is composed of a series of interlocking scales, which are added to each time the snake molts.

    Really makes me wonder more than ever how come they usually had just 6 or 7 rattles...not even sure we ever killed one with 7 but seems like we did.

  9. I think I hate grasshoppers more than the snake. Not that I would want to meet up with one.
    Lucky you to have a pool!


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