Friday, May 30, 2014

A little this and a little that

A little this and that from the last few days.

Yep another rattler! There sure seems to be a lot this year.

We were putting out salt and a mineral lick for the young cows when an awesome rain/thunder storm and wind rolled through. Just enough rain to keep the dust down! Beautiful clouds!

Then early evening sitting on the back patio looking east, the clouds were lifting and the sun hit the pasture just perfect.

What a good kitty!

The puppies. They are 8 months old now. They are turning out to be really good little cowgirls. We took them with us when we moved the heifers. Left the big girls home.
They waited so patiently when we crossed the heifers at the creek. Just told them, down and stay and they did until it was time to go. Very impressed. So different then the heelers!

This is Spook. She hangs with me.

This is Two. She hangs with Cameron.

Gotta love these Poppies in the yard. So vibrant!

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  1. Great shots. Love the colors. Glad the pups are doing so well. I bet the big girls miss going out with you all. We've been having some beautiful days too. M

  2. I can't believe how big those pups already are. WOW. Seems like just yesterday that they were little. Love the photo of that stormy sky :)

  3. Lovely shots, I like the sun coming from under the clouds on the field.

  4. I love the landscape photos. It's amazing the beauty we can experience across the ol' U S of A! We are blessed! (I'm not so wild about the snake and the mouse, though the cat shot is really a good photo!) Have a good weekend, Cheri!

  5. Great thunderstorm photo! Love the light. Your pups look good, I'm having a little trouble with Amber being, shall we say, over exuberant.... Not enough work for her here so she is going to be assessed on Monday and I may end up putting her up for sale. With a dog that wants to work as much as she does, it would be a shame for her not to be on a working ranch.

  6. Your this and thats are very interesting!

  7. The thunderstorm was outstanding. We don't get those colors in our storms. Good kitty is right! I'm glad the pups are turning out to be good cow dogs!!!!



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