Monday, April 21, 2014

Branding the Cane & Crutches

Yep, that's what we call our older cows and the ones that might be a little skinny or have another issue when we sort going into winter.
The other day we branded, vaccinated, castrated and de-horned their babies.
It has been a busy, busy week. And more busy weeks to come.
Tomorrow we will start branding the rest of the babies.
Thursday we will be turning the Angus bulls out with the yearling heifers.
The weekend we have to go to a memorial for a friend of Cameron's.
Monday we turn the Hereford bulls out with the cow groups.
And finish up branding.
Yea, my butt is sore from being in the saddle days on end all day. But hey! I LOVE it!!!

A full pen!

Cameron getting 7 to go into a holding jug.

A baby in the holding jug.

Not bad for a girl with a broken arm!

Sometime the mamas come in the barn to see what's going on.

This mama had twins. And she is caring for both of them. She had a boy and a girl. The girl is what they call a "free martin", meaning she is sterile. Doesn't have a uterus or ovaries. If it was 2 girls, they wouldn't be like that. When you have a boy and a girl, the chromosomes from the boy transfer to the girl and she becomes sterile.

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  1. Excellent post and info. You got a bunch of babies there. M

  2. Oh I remember that sterile twin thing good thing our heifer and bull twins were born a day and a half apart:) you know what I am talking about. Your cows look good but Herefords always look good. Our Hereford mix survived the horribly long winter in great shape even after having calves they held their weight, this year made us wonder for a bit it was so harsh. Herefords are amazing cattle.
    You are very good with a broken wrist. Hope it is healing well.
    Your calves look great oh Herefords love them. Hug B

  3. The guys turned bulls out with our heifers yesterday, too. 'Tis the season, I guess. Sounds like you have plenty on your to-do list in the coming days. Hope all goes well, especially since you're not 100 percent. Take care!

  4. Wow, I definitely learn something new everytime I visit your blog. Interesting how the female cow is sterile. I love how you and yours take such good care of your animals. If I was in a saddle all day, I'd get off and fall straight to the ground and then when I could walk again, I'd hobble back to the house. You are awesome cowgirl!

  5. I learn something knew on your posts almost every time. I didn't know this about male and female twins.

  6. Miss C,
    It will be so nice for you to get the cattle worked and out to grass. Now you have sparked a few questions: You are the brander and branding with a broken wrist? Electric or Hot iron? Do you have a crew to brand calves or is it you and Cameron? Does Cameron regularly push calves? I am guessing you brand on a calf table vs rope and drag? It you have to feed a crew, I would love to hear about your branding menus.

    We are close to the tail enders, we are getting 5 calves a day or less. Saturday was the end of week 2 of the first cycle. Calving has gone fast. I think the March 31st storm pulled a lot of cows ahead and they calved a little premature.

    The Rancher and his Dad are working ground and want to plant oats this week. The weather has been spring like and true to coarse we are in a wind advisory today. At least it's warm.

    We got another set of twins yesterday morn; set #4. The 3rd set is still close to the barn and we are erratically supplementing them. We really need to get on a more consistent feeding schedule. Our other surprise of the weekend was the crippled cow (she got stifled by the bulls last summer). She ran with the the main group of cows all winter and we fed her a little extra when we could. J and I both agreed there was NO chance she could be bred. Well, she has a little whiff of a calf that is a spitfire!

    Good Luck with the rest of your spring cattle work!

  7. What a good mom. Most of the time they abandon one!!!


  8. I think I have told quite a few of my ranch bloggers that I sure wish I could of had the opportunity to be able to experience what you get to live everyday. I have the greatest respect for all ranchers!

  9. Now that is a lot of cattle. Good luck with the branding of them. Looks like you have a lot more to go.

  10. I like the pics.I didn't know that about the sterile stuff and the twin calves.

  11. Wonderful and nice pics.
    Learned something new today - "free martin"


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