Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Branding and a lunar eclipse....

On Monday we branded our first calf heifers (mamas for the first time) babies.  Gave the babies their vaccines and poured (put bug yuck) the mamas.
A few days prior to branding, we moved the pairs closer to the barn. Moved the baby bulls outta the way. After branding we moved the big bulls up a pasture so the pairs could go north. Then we moved the baby bulls back to their pasture!
We get the pairs in the sorting lot. Then we pair them out on horse as pairs, its a first time experience for these mamas, other then when they leave the calving lot. It went relatively smooth. A few mamas couldn't seem to find their calves and they panicked a bit, but it all worked out.  We put everyone up the alley and separate mamas from babies. This is done on foot. We then run the mamas through the barn to put the pour on on them. Then the babies come into the barn and put in jugs (holding pens) 7 in each jug. Then brought to the calf chute. Given 4 shots, ear marked, de horned if needed, castrate the bull calves and branded. My wrist held up good wielding that branding iron!

Mamas telling the babies I'll be here when your done!

Babies waiting. We breed our first calf heifers to the angus bulls. The rest of the cows get breed to Hereford bulls and then the angus bulls get put in with the cows when we pull them out of the heifers. That's why the heifers babies are black baldies. There wasn't a lot of de horning in this group of calves.

Deer swimming the creek to get the heck outta the way! HA!

Lunar eclipse. I took a nap after branding so I could watch the eclipse. It started out clear, then about halfway through it got overcast and I couldn't get a good picture. It was really cool with the binoculars! But it never did turn red! That's what I wanted to see!

Before the eclipse.

The eclipse.

One of our kitties, Whitey.

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  1. Well at least you got to see part of the eclipse and you can see a tinge of red. All we got over here were clouds or solid black sky. It started out with the Moon and then by 10:45 it was all clouded over.
    Love the bawling Mamas. Haha
    Look at the ears on the deer. I think Whitey has a tinge of orange on him. M

  2. I never seen any of the moon that night it was too cloudy:( Oh you and your wrist are lucky with all that work, be careful. Love the shots especially the deer swimming. Hug B

  3. Cheri,

    Isn't that the way it goes, move cattle out of the way so we can move cattle, than move cattle back ... lol! The great switch-a-rou and back to you.

    Glad to hear your first branding went good.

    Around here the first branding is a huge long day, The Rancher stresses out and it's just not real fun. When I was working in town I stayed home to help, but didn't ge the full stressed out effect until last year. There is a lot of prep and set up before branding.

    I have never seen a group of deer swim across a dam before. Very neat capture. Whitey is beautiful and looks like a snuggler.

  4. I got up to see the moon and saw similar so went back to bed. I felt sympathy for those distraught mamas. Glad the wrist is doing well.

  5. A well run operation! Nice that your wrist held out.
    Whitey is beeeyootiful!

  6. That's an incredible amount of work. You have things organized and set up very well. I think some of those mamas are giving you what for!

  7. Bet is was loud when the mama's were separated from the babies. Cloudy and raining here so I didn't even bother getting up to see the eclipse. Good picture of it and beautiful cat.

  8. Whitey is such a beautiful cat!! You certainly have a lot to care for on your ranch. Thanks for sharing your life and beautiful photos. :)

  9. I stayed up to watch also, but it never turned read here either!


  10. It really does my heart good to see and hear how well you take care of your cattle. I happen to live close to the area where the Bundy fiasco is happening. When I saw what the BLM did to his cattle, I just wanted to yell. It's not the cows, babies and bulls fault.

  11. I am so glad you seem to be recovering/ed from your accident...as always, I enjoy reading about your life so much. You are always busy.


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