Friday, April 11, 2014

Out Riding.....

We moved the first calf heifers and their babies closer to the barn so we can brand them on Monday.
I don't have any pictures of the calves, mama's or my poor pony who looks like no one loves him! He is shedding so bad, looks like he has mange! ha ha! The horse chiropractor said use the side of a rasp. That removes the hair like you wouldn't believe!

Anyways, the wildflowers are starting to show themselves. The stink daisies are in full bloom. They are actually called Arrowleaf Balsamroot. But, they stink! Such a pretty flower too. The horses love them! The cows, not so much.

We have started to flood irrigate the meadows too. So the strange little shore birds are showing up. They are such an interesting sight to see. They are not afraid of people. You can pretty much go right up to them!

Stink Daisies.

I believe this is a Woodland Star. Very tiny, cute little flowers.

Black Neck Stilt.

I thought this was a Dowitcher. But they don't have the yellow/orange legs. Any ideas what kinda bird?

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  1. Guess what!! The bird is called Yellowlegs. It is either a Greater or Lesser depending on size. The is 14" and the other 11". You decide. This one actually looks like the Lesser.
    Love all the wildflowers. Nice post. M

  2. I have no idea what that bird is but it sure is pretty. Do stink daisies stink?:) Great shots. Be careful out there have fun> Hug B

  3. Cheri,
    Good Luck with branding on Monday. Always a good job to have behind you.

    Your wild flower and birding picts to my heart good. I am glad that spring has sprung for you. Things are just starting to have a green tint to them around here.

    On the subject of "stink," J and I had coffee with his folks yesterday morn. When I walked it J's Dad asked if I could smell gas; I said no. Apparently he spilled gas while filling up the 4-wheeler. The day before he found a skunk in between two cement water tanks. He did NOT get sprayed, but it was a close call.

  4. The daisies grow very densely. I can see why you like them. Your spring is well advanced.

  5. It is so neat to see birds that we don't ever get to see out this way. Those daisies look wonderful against that background!

  6. Definitely a yellowlegs. Greater yellowleg is bigger than the lesser, and their beak is longer too. Sometimes hard to tell unless you're lucky enough to see them side by side and then its very obvious.

  7. It's looking like spring has arrived for you. It looked like that here Friday and Saturday, then we got some snow overnight. I suppose spring will eventually be here to stay. I hope we have some spring weather before we move right into summer. On Saturday, it got to 95 degrees here. This morning, it's 30 degrees with the wind howling, and, of course, we are going to move some cattle. We always have such great timing!

  8. Great photos. Have on idea what the birds are but they sure are pretty!

    Dina Mom

  9. Stink daisies is a terrible name for such a pretty flower. I love the birds, unfortunately I can hardly tell one bird from another. Love your ranch!

  10. Sounds like spring is coming along for you. Pretty flowers, I too wonder if they stink? We have lots of wildflowers on the prairie but its still to cold for them, maybe in another month when it finally decides to warm up for good here.

  11. Great shots! I love to watch those little birds...the type that wade in shallow water.


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