Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Feels like fall

The colors this time of year are amazing. Some of the trees are starting to turn. The over night temps are in the upper 30's and daytime temps upper 50's. Pretty nice weather to be working outside.

Maple tree starting to change.

A cool red bush.
Cows by the house at sunset.

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  1. I kinda like Fall----well if it would stop raining---when the colors are so pretty and the sun sets so low it reflects across the hills. M

  2. I love fall, too. Yours looks like it is well underway. We've been unseasonably warm this week, but there's a change coming this weekend. Of course, it's just in time for our local Oktoberfest. Some leaves are starting to turn, but it's not looking that much like fall yet here in south central Kansas. Thanks for sharing a bit of yours with me!

  3. Oh these are incredible oh yes Fall sure is pretty especially where you are it seems. B

  4. Fall is a beautiful time of year and you are capturing it very well! Great photos! What a view you have! It's raining outside right now here...hopefully there might be enough moisture that the fall leaves that are coming will stick around a little while!

  5. Awesome fall colors and sunset. Your temps are comfortable for working outside. Nothing above 20 c (70 F) for me.

  6. Cheri,
    Autumn colors are amazing. While gathering cattle this morning I saw pretty fall leaves. I didn't get pictures, but enjoyed the view.

    Good Luck winterizing machinery today. We moved cattle all morning and worked on a waterer. It's blustery and it feels like the weather is about to change.

  7. Our trees are turning also, but we don't have the brilliant reds of your trees. I need to get out and take some fall pictures before the rain ruins them!


  8. Great pics as always.You are so lucky to have that chilly weather! I can't wait for it to hit Oklahoma.

  9. Awesome colors! That is one thing nice about living in the adirondacks, the trees. When they turn colors it is just beautiful.


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