Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kansas Bound

Got all but 30 steers shipped today. They have a long journey from Washington to Ford Kansas. That's 1,550 miles. Hope they have a safe journey. I didn't get any good pictures. I was either on my horse or in the alley sorting and loading the trucks.
We started gathering at 6:30am. I needed a headlight on my horse! It was still dark! We didn't leave any one on the meadows. Got cows and calves in the corrals. Sorted calves off. Turned the cows out. Then we sorted big calves from small calves. They averaged 625 pounds. Not bad. A month ago they averaged 585. And all they have been eating is grass and mama's milk. Then we weighed the calves in lots of 20 so the truckers know how many they can get on the trucks. We loaded 3 semi's and sent them down the road. Tomorrow the steer mama's will get preg checked. Then we start on the heifer pairs.

Calves in the corrals.

One of the trucks.

My number 1 cowboy Leo.

My number 1 cowgirl Bandit.

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  1. I bet you were glad when this day was over! (You'll have to get a miner's hat!) (For Leo)

  2. I wasn't aware they got shipped that far.

  3. I wish we could have been there to take pictures. Maybe next time. You got some good shots, though. M

  4. Leo is absolutely beautiful!! Look at that shiny coat.

  5. That is a tremendous amount of work. Somebody must have been tired at the end of the day. Today there would be lots of noise as mamas are looking for their babies. And the truckers are putting up with lots of noise too.

  6. Awesome photos! What a great thing to be able to do! I love your pens! I hope they arrive safe too! Very stout horse and great looking dog! I took a load (3 to the sale to be sold today. I am going to make a blog post about it, but am depressed you make my shipping day look so poor...haha. Someday, someday! Awesome stuff you posted!

  7. Your calves look really good. Summer pasture has been nice and thick. Today and tonight you get to hear the cacophonous calls from all the Momma's!

    I hope you got good prices!!!


  8. Awesome calf weight! Hope all went well preg checking. Yeah for two big jobs done.

    Leo is beautiful.

    A quad truck, who would have ever thought?

  9. Wow! Leo has incredible confirmation! Does he go back to the original Leo?

  10. I read a blog a while back about how a quad truck is loaded, it was very interesting but I cannot fine it now. Was that in an earlier. Blog you posted?


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