Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall in the scablands.

We have had our first hard freeze. 25* over night. BRRRR! After the freeze, the leaves are falling off the trees - FAST! We have been below freezing for a week now. But glorious sunshine during the day.
My "old" computer crashed. I got it fixed, but don't trust it now. ha! I use it a lot for cattle stuff. Needless to say, I had nothing backed up. They backed up all my stuff on disks. The new computer I got doesn't have a disk drive. UGH! But after being on the phone for over an hour with tech support, I got everything downloaded on my new computer. YEA! :)
Here are some trees around the yard.

The backyard before the freeze. There's a cat in there somewhere!

The view from "the hill". Where we watch for lightning.

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  1. Yes, the freezy stuff is here and leaves have dropped. We'll just have to get our heads ready for worse. You have some colorful stuff around your yard.

  2. Cheri,
    You and my Mom are in the same boat. When I was down visiting her computer was so old and slow. She told me she was going to get a new one this winter.

    Mid September she called and said she was at the computer store. Her old computer was corrupted and she lost ALL her cow records and other various important documents.

    My computer is a 2004 model. The cd drive doesn't work and I asked them to put a hard disk drive in back then.

    Hope you get all the kinks worked out. Good thing you have a pretty ranch to view while you are on hold with IT ... lol!

  3. I feel for you with the computer problems...just hate having them....

    It is colder here, but no hard freeze yet. Still, a lot of leaves are falling. I don't think we will have such a beautiful fall. (Hope I am wrong, though!)

  4. Beautiful colors in those trees! Wow. Our foliage hasn't peaked here yet. We have about 10 days left until peak foliage time. And this weekend we're supposed to have our first frost :)

  5. Oh these are beautiful colours. Sorry about the computer. I do not keep my farm records on my computer learned that the hard way too:) B

  6. Lovely colors, we had close to a freeze last night. I am still getting a few tomatoes.

  7. Nice shots. Glad you are getting on track with the new computer. Windows 8--ugh!! I am surprised you don't have a disc drive.
    Colors are pretty. That's the nice thing about Fall.
    see ya soon, M

  8. Beautiful photos! Not sure, but I think I found the cat. Glad you were able to get your stuff on your new computer! What a great thing and a pain they can be!

  9. Your trees are lovely...I love the color that occurs there! We are mostly cottonwood here, but I still love the gold and yellow they produce.


  10. I love the red leaves and the arrival of fall. Our leaves are beginning to turn more around here, but not to that magnitude. I know I need to take my computer into the "hospital," as it seems slow. I would be in a world of hurt if I lost stuff, so this should be my reminder to move it higher up on the to-do list


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