Friday, October 25, 2013


Now that the steers are gone, its time to get the heifer pairs in and pick our replacements and give everyone their shots. We pick our replacements when they are still with their mamas. If mama is a run around freak, we definitely will not keep that heifer. If mama is calm and gentle and baby is the same, we will keep her. Then we look at conformation. Does mama have a good udder, feet etc. Does baby have size and a fancy look , we will keep her. So, attitude and looks.
We sort in the lots. Its been dry dry dry and dust. We usually turn on the sprinklers, but the pump on the bridge went out. So what is a person to do? Whaaa Laaaa! Get the transfer pump to pump outta the creek to fill the truck, while the truck is pumping water through the sprinklers. As easy as that! :)

Cow Creek. It runs the length of the ranch. Has good fishing at times. Rainbow trout.

The transfer pump and water pipes that water the corrals and lots. Directly from the creek.

To the tanker truck it goes.

From the tanker to this! YEAH!

Bandit at the creek waiting for me to tell her to go swimming. She loves the water.

A gorgeous sunset to a few busy days. And a few more coming up!

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  1. Interesting narrative and some great pictures. I especially like the sunset, I suppose because we haven't seen the sun much lately let alone a beautiful sunset. Thanks for a great visit,and all you did for us. very memorable. Bob

  2. Very interesting. I see the sprinklers running perfectly. How often do you have to refill the tanker truck? Sweet Bandit and lovely sunset. M

  3. Oh we are the same way here crazy Mom crazy calf could make for trouble and danger later. Oh I love Herefords so much I wish we never crossbred with Charalois.
    Bandit is so adorable and fishing for rainbow trout and then eating it sounds perfect to me. Lots of work on the farm and I love seeing what you are up too. We sold all our steers a month ago I forgot to write about it. My Hero shipped them when I was out of town because the price was good and our drover suggested it. He is a wise man. Take care have a nice weekend. B

  4. Looks like you got a lot going on right now. Bandit is always so beautiful in those pics. That sunset is absolutely amazing. Wow.

  5. Very interesting! Real pretty creek! My dogs wait for me to give the go get a drink or go swimming command too...then it's off to the races to go jump in!

  6. Lovely shots, I would enjoy working that trout stream

  7. I was in 4 H beef and had all those things drilled into my head. we had judging competitions where we had three animals and everybody had a card and judged . It was fun and we learned things.
    You get great sunsets.

  8. Beautiful sunset. I suppose no matter where you live, or what you do, learning to improvise is a good quality to have!

  9. Great pics!...we almost ran out of water a few years back with the drought and had to bring in an irrigation system kinda like that......that was a big ol kept breaking down..Scary times with no water!..that's why I love rainy days I will never complain about another rainy day after that awful your Bandit is soooo cute!


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