Friday, March 1, 2013

A bird, a baby and an update.......

A male bald eagle on the meadow eating a dead coyote. There was a female hanging around also but I couldn't get a pic of her. There was also a golden eagle on the coyote, but I didn't have my camera!!!

Got Milk? This little calf has a moooo stache and white eyeliner! LOL!

An update on the bottle babies. They both have new mama's. Unfortunately, the mamas lost their calves :( . One of the mama's had a calf born with a cleft palate. Caused from eating "lupine" early in pregnancy. A cleft palate calf has no roof in his mouth, so needless to say he can not nurse. There is nothing you can do for them. So sad. But just part of life and death here.


  1. Hey, you got a good Eagle picture. And little 'Stache is a rather handsome calfie. I am glad you computer is up and working again. Did the helicopter guy come out? M

  2. He is a handsome calf. And was HUGE when born 102 pounds!!! The helicopter guys where here today with paper work. Its actually an airplane. They also have guys on the ground with calls etc. Will be back next week when the weather isn't windy. will be interesting.

    1. He looks like a big calf. 102 lbs. Poor Mama!!

  3. Neat markings on that calf. There are eagles here too, only I can't get close enough for good photos... oh for a good camera with a big zoom lens!

  4. Good photo of eagle! A coyote you guys shot? Love those eyebrows! What a shame for the poor calf...but you do what you can.


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