Sunday, February 24, 2013

Horses in the sun.....

                                                       Horses in the sun.
These 3 horses are not riding horses. But they do serve a HUGE service on the ranch. They are our replacement heifers "trainers". The heifers leave mama sometime in November or until the snow flies, right to the feed bunk until the green grass starts to grow, usually the first few weeks of April, when they are turned out on the range. When we turn the heifers out, we put these 3 horses in with them and they stay with them all summer. This way when we ride and move the heifers from pasture to pasture, they don't freak out and run when they see a horse. If you've dealt with heifers, you know what I mean! The horses even stay with the heifers when we turn the Angus bulls in with them. The bulls go in with the heifers April 22 and come out May 25.
The pony on the left is my retired buggy pony, the one laying down is my old mare, the one on the right is blind.


  1. What a good and humane use of retired horses. Now go back in and put names to these "trainers". M

  2. Wonderful animal psychology. It is also wonderful these 'old guys' are useful and at the same time can live out their days is a peaceful setting. BC

  3. A fitting and useful retitrement for horses who have served you well.

  4. Like Shirley said "useful retirement" for everyone!

  5. It is a great way to use the old horses. I always wonder what others do with their horses after they are past use.


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