Sunday, March 31, 2013

South on the 101...

                                                                  South on the 101.
We stayed in Crescent City, CA. Beautiful beaches. Drove thru the Redwoods. HUGE HUGE trees! Then on to San Francisco! Wasn't in the plans, but, Hey! We're on vacation. A road trip isn't a road trip if you decide to go 4 hours outta the way! Love it!!!
Crescent City beach

One of the "tourist"! hehehe. Went to the aquarium. Saw a seal show. So damn cute!! Her name is Marina. And she's 34 years old!

The magnificent Redwoods!


  1. Oh, don't you wonder what the first person thought that came across the redwoods? Which I often wonder that about other things such as the Grand Canyon, etc. I imagine coming from my side of the states and never having heard of them, and coming upon them.


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