Friday, March 8, 2013

Who's yo Daddy?

We got 5 new Hereford bulls the other day. They are all just a year old. The number 4 and the number 2 bull were champion and reserve champion at the bull show in Reno this past winter!

#4. Isn't he a handsome fella? Notice his horns? We have them cut at an angle, so when they grow, they will grow down instead of out. That way they don't have "hook em" horns. Our bulls generally don't fight, but if they get to pushing and shoving, no one gets stabbed! When we turn bulls out with the cows. We have "groups". We then put the more compatible bulls in those groups of cows. We have the heifers, the 3 year old, grannies and any skinnies or smaller cows. This group we call the "cane and crutches" lol. Then we have the rest of the cows as a group.

#2.A better look at the horns.

The yellow ear tag is the sale tag. The white tag is the breeders "name" tag.

Just a baby..

Nice nice boy.


  1. We're biting the bullet this year and dehorning all our bulls. Most of our customers prefer it and getting those big old horned bulls down a chute at testing time is NOT fun....I don't think the Bossman is real happy about it but it was his decision.

  2. I learn so much reading your blog. Raising cattle requires a scientific mind, I think! Certainly, a logical one!

  3. I love them 'baby bulls'. They were pushing and shoving when we saw them. Such bully boys. Ya picked good. And you got some good pictures too. M

  4. Those new boys should sire some really nice calves...congrats!!

  5. They are handsome fellows....the tags looks like miss-matched earrings.


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