Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shore Birds? Yep.......

You might be wondering, why would the high desert full of sage brush and grass have shore birds? Well, we have a creek that runs year round and many ponds and reservoirs. Most of the birds are here in summer nesting and raising their offspring.

American Avocet. They eat the stuff in the mud.

Blue Herron. There is a Herron Rookery along the creek in the trees. There's like 8 nests.

Mama killdeer and her baby. They also nest in the barnyard!!


Dowicher. Short billed.

Long billed dowicher.

Trumpeter Swans. We also have thousands of Canadian geese and ducks.

Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle. This is the male. I am hoping they will nest here!!


  1. Wowee!! This is so cool. I love the birds. That first picture of the Avocet is just beautiful. You have taken some very fine pictures. Love the Heron on the teeter totter. M

  2. Those are some really great and informative pictures of some of the birds on your ranch world. And what is really amazing is how you find time - given your super busy schedule - to take and post them. BC

  3. With all of your water sources, your area is a lot like here where we have the Malheur Wildlife Refuge...a HUGE migratory bird reserve. Lots of similar birds. LOL...those killdeer are so dang stupid!

  4. What a wonderful variety! The eagle is the icing on the cake in my book!


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