Monday, April 6, 2015

Keeping Busy

With these little buggers. Bottle babies. All heifers, all were twins.

Daisy May and Whitey the cat. Whitey LOVES the baby calves. and they love her too its fun to watch them interact with each other.

Butter Cup eating some sweet alfalfa.

Yellow Bell the youngest. Eating a stick! lol!

The oldest bottle baby Nedly making sure the other bottle babies are getting enough love. HA! Yeah the Nerd gets a snack too. :)

We've had crazy weather the last few days. Rain, wind and a brief snow flurry today. Almost an inch of rain over night and this morning. But turned out to be blue skies with puffy white clouds. The view out the kitchen window. Makes doing dishes tolerable! lol!

Gorgeous sunset the other night.

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  1. That first shot is very funny!! Great capture.

  2. Cheri,
    I like your pictures; they have ranch wife written all over them!

    All my bottle babies have Mamas. We had a premature calf born dead on Saturday. Sunday morn we found a calf that must have been dropped on it's head.

    Yesterday the last heifer calved!

    Saturday the guys seeded hay-bet barley and yesterday oats. The good thing about not having very much farming is it doesn't take long to plant. Today clean the drill and put stuff away.

  3. Had a hard time letting go the ones we bottle fed. Took the kids to visit once. Had twin goats come on Easter. Would like to trade dogs, a new one is eating the wrong meats.

  4. Good to see you post again! I know you're busy. Out of that many calves 4 bottle feeders aren't bad. An inch of rain in the spring is super as it will bring on some grass.

  5. Looks like bottle feeding is agreeing with them! I miss those prairie sunsets, here with the mountains close you get about 5 minutes of colour- blink and it's gone!

  6. Oh those calves are so darling! You live in such a beautiful place! Glad to see you back.

  7. Glad to see you back blogging. Love the calf shots---go to my blog for Monday and guess what you will find.
    Our Artichokes are coming back--are yours?

  8. Finally got our fall bottle calves turned out on grass and no spring ones yet so the barn is empty for now. Beautiful sunset.

  9. Boy do I understand about busy...I feel like I'm meeting myself coming and going. Look at all that lovely green!


  10. That first shot is particularly funny!

  11. Oh, such sweet, sweet faces! I adore them all! And such beautiful views from your place!

  12. Lovely views! The little ones are just adorable (when they are young).

  13. Hello - I just signed up for your blog today. Love your photos and everything about your ranch life. I'm guessing you prefer to keep your location private, but I'm thinking it must be one of our western states, Wyoming, Montana? If you wish to reveal, thank you. Just beautiful country.


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