Saturday, March 14, 2015

Indian Burials

Just to the west of our house, high up on a hill is an old indian burial ground. About 30 years ago, archeologists came and dug some of them up. They found skeletons there, and artifacts. I wasn't around then, but would have loved to been there! One of the skulls had paint marks on it. How cool! There are still stacked rocks on all the burial sites.
Here are the views from on the hill. I can see why they were buried there. You can see forever and its simply beautiful!

Looking west. We call that Gun Sight Pass.

Looking north.

Looking east.

Looking south
We are officially done calving heifers. Have been for about a week. The cows are still cranking them out. We got all the bulls in and tested. We got a new roof on our house too! The old cedar shingles were showing their age! They lasted 55 years!!!!!
Our weather has been GORGEOUS! It was 71* yesterday! I have a few daffodils blooming in front of the shop! Had rain today. As you can see the green grass is coming along nicely.

Now for an awwwww moment. Some little cuties.

Mom!!! My ears ARE clean!!! HAHAHAHA

This little guy was digging for moles!? hahahaha!

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  1. The Indian burial grounds were probably there as it was the place of the spirits. They didn't worry about the view . They just wanted to be in a place where the spirits would roam around. Here they were wrapped in skins and put in a tree where spirits could find them.

  2. That is a very impressive view. Interesting history in regards to the Indian burial ground. Red, above, makes a very good point about the reason for using that ground as burial.

    And yes, the calves are very cute. Gorgeous photos.

  3. The calves look puzzled!

    What a beautiful spot for a burial.

  4. great views and cute little critters. you have it all, lol

  5. Awwwwww is right! What beautiful country you live in!

  6. Your land is beautiful! I love that next to the last's like he is saying ICK!!!!!

    Linda ★★

  7. It looks like spring in your neck of the woods, as Al Roker would say. The vistas from the Indian burial grounds are beautiful. And I just love the little faces in the pasture.

  8. Pretty cool, I had one near where I grew up. They reinterred the bones they found years later. It has warmed here and I have thousands of spring bulbs coming up. Pretty exciting.

  9. oh, Cheri, those views! And those babies! I totally enjoyed them all....

  10. Really enjoy your blog and the photos you post. Great subject matter!!

  11. The Indian burial sight is really neat, Cheri! We have a couple of pastures with tee-pee rings in them.

    Your baldy babies are growing fast. I like the pict of Mom cleaning behind the ears.

    We are down to 9 heifers.


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