Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring time work

Its been so long, I almost forgot how to use this thing!
We've been busy riding, sorting and branding calves.
Its been beautiful weather and the calves are fat and full of green grass. :)

Riding yesterday, I ran into, ( not literally) the first rattlesnake of the season! It said Hello, but I didn't reciprocate the greeting! LOL!  UGH! Glad the dogs didn't hear it or see it! No picture of that thing! I did get a few great pictures of coyotes. They have babies in the den. The babies are about 3-4 weeks old, so the coyotes are on high alert. Especially with 2 dogs with me!

I just love these hills. Back in the '80's they had the mars rover here test driving it. Said it was the closest environment that matched mars! HAHA!

My best cowpony ever! I trust him with my life on a daily basis. As he trusts his life with me. Standing in the barn among all the bawling calves.

At 77 this old guy still has it! He still does everything. His motto. People die on the couch everyday! And by God, I'm not gonna be one of them! HA!

Baby calves in a jug getting ready to be branded.

Last nights sunset.

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  1. So great to see a post from you...I figured you had been super busy. Love your photos in this series, also love that motto: ' People die on the couch everyday! And by God, I'm not gonna be one of them! '

    Those calves are adorable. Love the sunset!

  2. Good to see you post once again. You run into many very interesting things everyday.

  3. You do live in a charming area. I need to visit it some time, I have spent lots of time on the Puget sound and upper peninsula.

  4. Welcome back to blog world! It's good to hear from you and tour the ranch via your beautiful photos. I think that I'll be ready for the couch on Sunday. We have a couple of days of sorting babies and mamas and working baby calves today and tomorrow. We will then take them all to summer pasture. But the quote about the couch made me smile, and I loved the accompanying photo.

    What a great capture on the coyote! I also enjoy seeing your hills since it's different from here in South Central Kansas. Have a great day!

  5. Super shots and it's about time. We all miss your blog but work comes first. Ya gotta love a good horse!!!
    You have a greenhouse don't you? Where the cats live--haha.

  6. good to hear from you again. glad all is well. take care with those snakes and don't work too hard.

    love your sweet herefords.

  7. The coyote sure blends in with that rock! Good camo!
    Love that quote too, and the photo; his bow legs speak of many years a-horseback.
    I'd love to visit you someday.

  8. The coyote certainly does look quite alert.

  9. My Daddy use to say... "If I stop, I will die!"

  10. Great coyote photo. Terry is really serious about stopping farming, he will be 71 tomorrow. But a friend of his who is 69 retired last year and died today. He said to me: Now I don't know what to do.


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