Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sortin' cows

Today we got all the cows in and sorted them into two groups. We sort them by age and body condition. We do tag our granny cows with a green ear tag for easy identification. A granny cow being an older cow with either no teeth or very few. As the old guy says, she mighta voted for Regan!
We put all the grannies and the three year olds together and anyone else that might need more groceries. This group is know as the cane & crutches.
The weather was cold, damp and snowy. Perfect, except the mud with ice underneath. Slow going. Cameron and I sorted on horses. We put borrium on the horses shoes. Kinda like cleats. Less likely to slip and slide. I sorted them outta the gate and Cameron followed them to their appropriate holding pens. It went really smooth. I LOVE my pony! He is awesome. He doesn't look at the cows, so they will flow single file right by him. I just have to nudge him and he will dive in to cut one back. Awesome!

Bringing 'em in with the feed truck. Cameron driving. pppfffft. with the heater! HA!

HAHAHA! You're what? cold? Love this look.

Me following them up while being frozen! Do I look cold? Nope, warm and toasty! :)

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  1. Brrrrrr!!!
    Bob says Awesome---give your horse some extra oats.
    He also said a horse like that should sleep inside at night. LOL

  2. Really looking winter there. The wind has been tough this last couple weeks.

  3. A good job to have behind you, Cheri! I love the way you talk about your horse. I have zero horse experience, but understand how much of an asset they can be.

    J has been doing more hands on training with Rosie. They have been going out in the afternoon and working 3-4 of calves. J is happy with her progress.

    Ranch Wife Eskimo, that I can relate to!

  4. Nice blue eyes! You can hit me now! As they say the show must go on so the sorting has to take place.

  5. I can see that being a full day's work!

  6. a cold hard job. you have beautiful eyes.

  7. I do read birds and blooms, a favorite. I have had some pics in a book they put out and a few articles posted.

  8. Sounds as though you had a successful cattle day! We moved some cows in the snow last week. As the farmer says, "It could have gone better. It could have gone worse." I'm glad it didn't go worse, even though I had the warm job inside the pickup cab this time.

  9. You are a hoot!

    Sorting cows is really lots of work, but you make it sound like a fun experience!


  10. Looks like you know how to bundle up! Nice shots of the cows. Stay warm!

  11. Look at all those cattle! Those are quite the looks!

  12. It's a cold job but someone has to do it!


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