Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is it springtime yet?

The past week here we have had gorgeous weather. Its been muddy due to the inch of rain we had. But the frost is outta the ground so all that rain went in! The temps have been in the mid to upper 40's. with lows in the mid 30's! The only draw back is we still have hay to get home! But its been too muddy! We got a load of small bales for the barn today and tomorrow we will pluck away at the big stack.
Today was foggy and they are saying that the temps could reach the 50's by the weekend! Say whhhaaatttt??

Last nights sunset. Looking west outta the barnyard. Mud puddles! :)

Cows coming into feed this morning. We moved them into their calving pasture.

Here comes the fog. It was sunny!

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  1. beeeeeeeuuuutiful images. love #2

  2. Gorgeous images!

    For us spring won't show up for a good eight weeks or more.

  3. With this weather you won't use much feed.

  4. Amazing sunsets!!! I hope spring does not come early - I want more snow!! :)

  5. Great pictures, love the sunset!!!

  6. Lovely set of pics, I want your season more. That mud can be tough however, I have had some battles with it. One year I kicked my boot to get rid of the six pounds of mud, only to forget I had unlaced the boot and it went flying. I was by myself , building a new home.

  7. I love the photos! My favorite is the one of the cattle in the calving pasture. We have had warmer temperatures this week, too. The snow is melted except in the ditches and up against hay bales, etc., where it drifted. Today is just supposed to be in the 40s, but that still doesn't seem that cold for January. The heifers are supposed to start calving next week, so we'll probably have a change in the weather - ha!

  8. With last weekend's nice temps we came home to mud. We still have frost, but the first few inches of ground are pretty slick. Especially in the cattle lots.

    Yesterday was in the mid 30's with wind. Late morning-early afternoon I took off my big winter coat, but I was glad I had it on sorting steers and heifers at 3 pm. The wind howled all night and is still at it. It might be a long day bangs vaccinating heifers.

    I laugh at your "Is it spring time yet" as yesterday I was thinking "we have a lot of winter a head of us." I'm glad the weather is good as you start calving.

    Happy Wednesday, Miss C!

  9. We are having nicer weather too. Enough of that rain and wind. 27 this morning but supposed to up to 50 by afternoon. Do you notice the days are getting longer. Nice!

  10. That first photo is a stunner! We were warm but today terribly cold with a harsh wind and wind gusts. Snow for the mountains but not here.

    I hope your weather heads here next!


  11. Oh, Cheri, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos, specially that last one. But love the others, too. I think we had at least one day up to 52 degrees and others up close to it. But are heading back to cooler weather now.

  12. Awesome photos! You need to get those on some covers of some mags! Crazy warm here and it was just -9 the other morning checking on baby piglets. I about started planting the garden the other day....lol....jk...but felt like I should. I hope calving weather cooperates for you!


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