Saturday, January 17, 2015

And so it begings

As we headed to the feed ground to feed the big bunch of cows, I see a cow in the distance walking towards us with her back humped up, tail sticking out and walking like she  had something stuck in her butt! I hollered at Cameron. We have an issues! OMG Its NERDLY!!! My 11 year old bottle baby!!!!! Adrenalin and panic set in. I drove that feed truck like I stole it! LOL! Taking into account that Cameron was on the back hanging on for dear life, barking driving orders at me and flinging hay like it was on fire!
He dropped me off with Nerdly so I could sit with her, while he buzzed back to the barn, got the trailer and loaded her up.
Got to the barn, got her in the pulling pen, got an arm in her. PHEWWW! A live baby. But, its upside down. Grab the feet and give him a turn. With the help of Nerdly, we got him turned over. Gave him a tug and swoosh! A teeny tiny little bull calf!! YEA!!!!!
Mom and baby doing good.

Here he is. He had some meconium on his face. But none in his mouth or lungs.

Where's the faucet!?

Have you seen it?

Maybe I'll try some hay.

Gettin' closer!

Cows on the feed ground. As I was waiting for Cameron to get back.

And so it begins. I do believe in the old wives tale, 2 weeks prior to calving and 2 weeks after the due date is when you'll have most of the issues. Today is 2 weeks prior.

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  1. I can tell you're excited. Calving season is 24/7 Good luck. I hope that's the last problem.

  2. Luckily you were there in the right time.
    Congratulations on the new baby!
    Did it find the faucet by now? :))
    Have a fine sunday

  3. Oh NERDLY I understand this racing to make sure she is OK thing. Good job catching that in time and saving the cute little fella and Nerdly too. Good Luck in the rest of those now busy busy days. I am hoping we wait at least another month and it gets warmer. Take care and rest when you can. HUG B

  4. Glad you were close.You are ahead of here by about 2 months.

  5. YAY!! Good eye and glad Cam hung on --LOL!!

  6. Ay-yi-yi! Good thing you spotted her! He's a cute li'l rascal, love the big splotch on his back.

  7. All's well that ends well. maybe the old wives tale will be false this year and you' ll have NO MORE trouble.

  8. OH! I'm glad you were out just in the time she needed you. Your own bottle baby and she Knew she wanted help! EXCELLENT!


  9. Fortunate that you were in the right place at the right time.

  10. Looks like mama and baby are doing good. I love the picture of cows eating hay!

  11. So glad all is well in the end. And such a sweet little face, too.

  12. We got home from a co-op board retreat last evening and Randy walked through the heifers. They are due to start coming in another 1 to 1 1/2 weeks, but there are usually surprises like you had. I'm glad yours had a happy ending!

  13. Glad it worked out ok and you have a healthy new calf!

  14. Glad everything worked out! He is going to be a cute one. (for a while anyway)

  15. Awesome save! ..and congrats on the first calf! "Nerdly" Beautiful cows on the feed ground photo!


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