Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Water runs up hill?

When we left this morning to go feed the cows there was still snow all over the place.
It warmed up to 50* with a nice wind. The clouds blew away and we had blue skies. That melted the snow and we have water running up hill. :)

A beautiful morning.

Feeding the heifers and their babies.

Mama cow and baby.

The melt down.  The side of the road, and the road! A shovel and a little digging drains the puddles nicely.

The meadow. The ducks and geese are loving it!

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  1. Oh don't talk to me about squishy ground. That is the sweetest pic of Mama and babe. May I borrow it? MB

  2. I don't want the picture....I want the calf! It is adorable.

    We were above freezing today and supposed to warm up to about 50 next week...we will have the squishy ground then.

  3. As our temperatures continues to climb, we, too, will have some squishy ground. But we're thankful for any moisture for our farm ground, though it makes the cattle lots messy. I, too, love the "family portrait."

  4. Oh it looks wonderful I think we are to get a melt this week or at least a plus degree few days it will be wonderful. Great shots Herefords of course. Hug B

  5. Spring will be here soon! Cute photo of mama and baby.

  6. I love that little calf and mom photo! I adore those little white faces and pink,pink noses!

    *♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) Happy Valentine’s Day¸.-♥¨) (¸.-` ♥♥´¨

  7. Wow! Springtime! It must be nice to get a spell io mild weather.

  8. Oh that picture of mama and baby. So precious. What a life you have!

  9. That momma cow and baby is a wonderful picture. It looks like spring there. We just got another major storm yesterday and now today we have high winds that are blowing and creating lots of high snow drifts! 50 degrees sure sounds nice!

  10. I love your blog. It's so bright and colorful. Thank you for following my blog and I look forward to following your life story. We own a beef cattle operation in Virginia. Can't wait until I retire so I can be here every day all day long!

  11. I cant wait til it starts melting here. And till we have little babies again but it will be another month still (for the calves, not spring Im hoping!)

  12. Our chickens will be happy when the snow melts !
    Great shot of your momma and baby.
    I stopped over from Buttons place, hope you don't mind if I follow along.


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