Friday, February 21, 2014

This and That

Since I can't feed cows or drive the feed truck. All I've been doing is checking cows and driving around until Cameron is done feeding, then we turn the heifer pairs out.

Today's sunrise.

The fellas on the horizon.

Heifer mama and baby.

Baby cow.

This looks bad, but it really isn't. This is what we call "hip locked". The heifer was progressing normally when the baby got to this point, it got stuck, or locked at its hips. She got up, walked around to rotate the calf's hips, layed back down and the baby popped right out. It looks awful, but mama and baby are fine.

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  1. Well at least she knew what to do. Looks bad but is ok. M

  2. Oh I do hope your wrist is at least feeling better. You will be back working before you know it. Calving will be done but next year you will be right back at it. I always worry when they get hip locked but they do know better than we do and it always seems to work. Beautiful Photos.

  3. Oh I completely forgot LOVE the the Turkey March:) Hug B

  4. At least she laid back down. I hate seeing them drop out when the cow is still standing.

  5. Cheri,

    My Dad always tells me anything I can to do save J a few steps during calving is helpful. Checking heifers so Mr. C can get a few more minutes of sleep is worth a lot. I am sure your limited help is still useful.

    I always feel a little more observant when I have my camera with me. Hope you capture more fun shots.

    We got our first calf yesterday afternoon.

  6. Nice shots, i like it when the cow stands up when calving, clears anything out of those lungs. Turkeys that would be a different sight dont think I have ever seen them in real (in the wild I mean, lol)

  7. So you can't feed but you get lots of time to take photos. You've learned to let the cows do the work unless there is a real problem.

  8. I love the term Turkey March...fits perfectly. Beautiful sunrise...beautiful calf...glad to see you call it a baby cow cause I do, too at least half the time.

  9. Great photos! I just know you will be very glad to get your wrist back (well) and you are able to help again.


  10. I love the little "bandit" calf. I am a sucker for black white face babies, especially those with different markings. Hope you heal quickly!

  11. Lovely pictures! Hope you aren't in pain and are feeling ok.


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