Sunday, February 9, 2014

R.I.P Razor

The old guys dog passed away the other day. Sad. She was an awesome cattle dog, friend, travel companion and teacher to the younger dogs.

R.I.P my friend. 10/2000 - 2/2014

I Lost a Friend

I lost a special friend today
the kind you can't replace,
and looking at her empty bed
I still can see her beautiful face.
I know she's in a special place
our Lord has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.
I know she's watching over me
She'll be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on her beloved head
I told my friend goodbye.
-Author Unknown

A Working Dog

I’ve seen the Rocky Mountains
and the Gulf of Mexico,
the California Surfers
and palm trees in a row.

I’ve read the works of Shakespeare
and seen Picasso’s paint,
the sounds of concert pianists,
And heard the bagpipes quaint.

And all of these have thrilled me
but not one could compare
with watching herding dogs a-working,
a single or a pair.

There’s magic in each movement
that Mozart never had.
And beauty in each turn
that makes my heart feel glad.

There’s science in each answer
Of every whistled tone
that Newton never thought of
nor ever was he shown.

There’s feeling in the handling
that only poets know
or cowgirls that work with stockdogs
and feel the teamwork grow.

Wherever life may take you
in sunshine or in fog,
you’ll never quite forget it
when once you’ve worked a dog

                     ~Author Unknown

I hope to have pictures of my shattered wrist. I broke it Thursday night, had surgery  Friday morning. They put pins and a plate in there. It sucks but I'm hanging in there. I feel so useless!!

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  1. Oh Jake is going to miss his buddy. Sorry to hear it.

  2. Yikes.. How did that happen?? Hope the surgery went well. The guys will now find out how much work you do, being out of commission for awhile. Heal good and fast!!

  3. Oh Razor---we will miss you. I remember when you were a pup. Love both poems. You did a wonderful tribute. I feel so sad.


  4. Oh I am so sorry about Razor I know how wonderful it is to have working dogs and watching them work. Love the poems. WOW from a post about how everything is going well with calving and then this you poor dog your poor wrist oh I am happy you have it back together and healing....I am so sorry you are going through all this. I wish you well and hope it was a fall and not a farming injury that hurt you. It can be a dangerous business indeed. Be careful and rest. HUGS HUGS B

  5. What a tribute to such a good lookin dog. They become a part of the family and are in our hearts forever!! hope you heal quickly!!!

  6. A beautiful tribute. Dog's lives are so short!
    Sorry to hear about your wrist, been there done that so I know the difficulties you face. Tight jeans will have to live in the closet for a bit! I had to get sweat pants, which I hate wearing.

  7. Razor was a very good helpmate and friend and i understand how he will be missed. But remember he had the best possible human friends during his time and was completely fulfilled in doing and being with those he loved best..
    I would suppose it is going to take considerable patients to facilitate the healing process. Hopefully recovery will be complete and as speedy as possible. Regards, Bob

  8. So sorry for your loss and your injury. Ouch.

  9. Oh, Cheri! Just too much stuff right now. I'm so sorry. Losing our best furry friends is horribly hard.


  10. Wow, not a happy time at all. So sorry for loss of your pal. Their passing leaves a big hole. As for your wrist, what in the world?!?!?!? Sure hope it heals good for you. Hang in there.

  11. Heartbreaking loss. I'm so sorry. It makes me want to go hug my old dog a little tighter, today.

  12. Miss C.,
    I am so sorry to hear you lost your good cattle dog. That is huge! We lost our Roxie January of 2013 and this afternoon J said "I wish I had my good dog." Your poem finds are very fitting.

    We sorted off replacement heifers and heifers we are going to bangs vaccinate and sell. The rest of the girls will be spayed and run on grass. The Vet will be here in the morning to vaccinate.

    You have not said how you shattered your wrist; I am curious.

    Hope your week is wonderful!

  13. It's really tough to lose such good and trusted friends.
    Now the wrist. I can tell you about that. I broke mine twice. Helpless? Wow! Try bathing or eating... The cast was a real nuisance. However, I have no problems with it. Good luck with your wrist.

  14. Oh, did you do your wrist? Does not sound like fun at all.

    Sorry for your loss of Razor...we used to always say their life was too short!

  15. tough to lose a pet.The wrist doesn't sound good, hope you repair fast

  16. Oh my goodness, the husband did the same thing 10 years ago. He had an external pins in his arm that was put through the bone to hold it into place. He still has problems and has to wear a wrist brace. I sure feel for you! He also, felt helpless. (the worst part was when I had to help him do things that he would never, ever ask me to do!). You take care and I am sorry about your loss.

  17. Hope that you get better soon - and you are not useless - that other hand you have im sure comes in handy at a time like this :) esp. for typing up a blog post ;)

    So sorry that you lost your working friend - never easy, but you gave her a honest working dogs life, and in a dogs opinion, thats a good life indeed.


  18. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious pet. :(

  19. You are just having a crappy week aren't you. I'm so sorry you lost your sweet furry friend. It is so hard, I know. And I hope you and your wrist feel better very, very soon!

  20. I am sorry for your loss. :(


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