Thursday, January 16, 2014

Today - around home

Our weather has been perfect. It's been near 50* during the day and in the mid 20's* over night. The ice has melted and the frost is outta the ground. I sure hope it stays this way. We could use some moisture though.

The full moon is out all night and setting in the morning when we head outta the house to feed.

Waiting for the feed truck. What a good cow.

We have been chlorinating the water tanks in the heifer lots. So, while the chlorine was cooking the gunk outta the tanks I took the girls for a hike along the creek.

Spook likes to chase birds. Here she is looking at the little birds. ha ha.

Here comes Two! She was rat hunting in the trees!

One of the early calves. 

I have milk all over my face.

Yea - so what about it?


The turkeys.

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  1. What adorable calves!!! The first one is my favorite :)

  2. Good that your weather is pleasant. It makes it much easier on the cows. You have some interesting things to watch.

  3. Cool post. I like the moon shot. I took some pics of it too. Did you see Jupiter above it? Calves are cute as always. The pups are good at hiding. M

  4. Nice weather, it was a blizzard last night.

  5. That is perfect weather, we have had some pretty nice weather also. I love the pictures, momma is feeding her calf pretty darn good!

  6. Oh those calves are wonderful! Love your posts so much!

  7. Awww, so sweet! The calf with milk on his face is too cute. Happy to hear pleasant weather will be around for most of us this weekend. Enjoy!

  8. You are surrounded by cuteness! I love #37 and #84..and I know from previous posts just how cute Two and Spook are.

    We used to scrub down the great big cooler with bleach water every year....what job. And part of the time did the apple bins.

  9. 50*? Yea for you.

    Looks like things are good around your ranch. Healthy cattle, good "helpers" and taking in nature, doesn't get much better than that.

    Yes, I know we get a lot done in a days time. It's just those days when it seems like I stand around and wait more than I do that makes me wonder. I know we have to do a fair share of that and it's important too.

    This morning we had no wind; it gorgeous out! Things are melting and freeze up again at night. Leaves the cows stranded on the wrong side of the creek (it's shallow and small) because they don't want to walk across the ice. There is always something.

    Hope your weekend is a good one!

  10. Your moon shot was outstanding! I love to see baby's with milk on their faces!! Terry and I are ready for spring and a warm up also! We have lots of ditch work to do before spring work!


  11. Good looking calves! Nice shot of the cow in the early morning light.


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