Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sorting Cows

Yesterday we sorted all the cows. We sorted on foot in the alley. Good cows to the right, grannies to  the left. We put a green ear tag in the grannies so its easy to spot them on the go. For what ever reason the cows were a little pushy in the alley! You just stand your ground, put your hand up and say NO - BACK UP! They do respect your space. Most of the time! Very rarely do I have to holler at the cows, so when I do, they respect my wishes! HA! Cows are herbivores. They might kill you, but they wont eat you! LOL!
We sort off the grannies, the smaller cows and anyone that is on the skinny side. We do this so there is less competition for hay when we feed. And the granny group gets a little extra hay and TLC.
We've had pretty steady temps. Highs 30*, lows 25*. Been a skiff of snow every morning.

Cows coming into the "driveway". On the far right looking at you is Nerdly. The best cow on the ranch! She is 10years old. She was one of my bottle babys. Loves kisses and grain!

Down the driveway to the alley.

Cows waiting to go to their winter pasture and get fed.

One of the feed trucks. It used to be a fire truck. Modified to a flatbed. Its very smooth riding on the back.

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  1. Miss C,
    Sounds like a good job to have done! When the cows know the sorting system it is amazing how smooth and fast things can go.

    I like the feeding truck.

    I traveled north today. It was 52* when I pulled in the yard and the wind was blowing. Tomorrow they are talking extreme wind, cold and chance of snow. I am ready for brilliant blue skies and calm breezes.

  2. Good idea to be calm and not stir your friends up. They're much happier and easier to work with when they are not excited.

  3. Oh Herefords are the best and I am sure Nerdly feels the same way I have a few of those ones that are the best. LOVE your photos and I do know the work involved. Take care and I hope your weather holds. Hug B

  4. Your cows look great. So nice to have a bunch that is good to handle. I used to work at a livestock auction market, we always got the ones that were shipped because they weren't so nice... and I've got the scars to prove it!

  5. We have an Army truck that we are going to convert into a feed truck when we find the right mix box at the right price. Randy is looking forward to having a "new" truck. Our old one has seen better days. It's always great when they cooperate, isn't it?!

  6. Can't believe Nerdly is that old already. Does that mean we are 10 years older too? It must be the berries. Cows are looking good. MB

  7. Your narrative is always so interesting and well done - it is sort of like being there in person, but of course that is much better. Oh, that is my thumb up in the air, process of waving, palm hasn't turned outward yet. Bob

  8. That picture of them down the driveway and into the alley looks like they are walking in a very orderly fashion :)

  9. Nice looking cattle! Glad that it isn't any colder! We are supposed to be back down in the teens and single digits at night, brrr.

  10. I tell you 25º and 30º sounds good right now.

    You lead such an interesting life!

  11. Wow, a lot of science to raising cows. I learn so much reading your great blog!


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