Thursday, January 30, 2014

A calf is born

The first few pictures were taken through the windshield.
We had 2 new babies in the heifers by noon today. The first one we had to assist mama with the birth. She and baby are doing great in the barn.

This is how we like our heifers to calve.

She will usually be walking around kinda humped up with her tail out and back legs spread. A very unnatural walk! I should say uncomfortable look! lol! Then you will see a bubble. Like a water balloon sticking out. She will also lay down, get up and be looking for a place to have her calf.
When the baby is all lined up, she will lay down, usually flat out and start straining.

The front feet will start to come out. Followed by the head. That's what we see here. The calf has the amniotic sac over its body. If it stays on its face, it will suffocate, and you do have to pull its off its face every so slow and carefully as not to spook mama.

Once the head comes out its just a couple more pushes and the calf is out. Here's that progress.

I am now outta the pickup. Just in case the sac doesn't come off the face.

The calf is now out. Mama gets a good look at her new baby. And the sac came off its face. YEA!

She stands up, turns around to look at this little wet thing that's shaking its head and sneezing mucus out of its nose. Starts licking it to get it clean and up.

We get her tag number. Hers is 239. Get a tag for baby. In this case its tag will be 39. Tag the calf, check to see if its a bull calf or heifer.

Its a heifer! Mama is taking good care of baby. Baby is doing good. Time to go home and take a nap!

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  1. Awwwww--nothing like a new born babe...don't care what it is.

  2. We'll be starting in a few days. Been cold n foggy here... Would love to see some sun!

  3. We'll be starting in a few days. Been cold n foggy here... Would love to see some sun!

  4. Oh, I remember this from a long time ago. for a kid the new calf was exciting. It's amazing how fast they dry off with the licking and then get up and suck.

  5. Great photos to show the progress. The last ones I got were taken in a dark barn, and they weren't nearly as good. Good luck with the calving!

  6. Oh I never tire of seeing this. We will be doing this in March hopefully it will be a bit warmer. Nice calf good job. Hug B

  7. The miracle of birth!! I do have a question though: if the sac will make them suffocate if not pulled off, what about calves born in nature with no human around to pull the sac off of the face?

  8. Ours won't start calving until the middle of March, trying to avoid the cold weather. Looks like a good pair.

  9. Excellent post. Information and images are great. thanks. MB

  10. Outstanding! I don't imagine the birthing process could go any smoother. We experience the event almost like being there thanks to your intuitive portrait of new life emerging on the ranch. Thanks, Bob

  11. I've just sent this to several people! Perfect and well done!!!


  12. I just got this from Terry and Linda as I not being a farm girl was worried about their cows and calving. I love learning new stuff. I just a hobby farmer with 7 chicks and gardening. Thanks for sharing this miracle with me.

  13. Great series of photos. I always tried to make sure I was there when the foals were born, the process is the same.


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