Monday, December 16, 2013

Time to clean house.

These two pictures were taken yesterday morning when we headed out to feed the cows. Foggy and cold with just a skiff of snow left.

Today was absolutely gorgeous! So, today was the day we decided to deep clean the barn. We use this barn for every thing! From branding to a hospital for sick animals. We deep clean at least twice a year. Pressure washing, changing light bulbs, cleaning the waters etc.

Today's sunrise.

When we got to the heifer lot we were greeted by this beautiful sight!

There are 17 heifers that are 1 1/2 months early thanks to a special little bull who wanted to get his job done a little early! UGH! No competition  I guess.

Cleaning the barn. The "old guy" pressure washing the deck along the lead up alley into the chute.

Looking down the lead up alley into the chute. Clean as a whistle!

The pens we put cows and their babies in when they need some extra TLC.

There is NO EXCUSE to giving the wrong dosage off medication! :) This is on the inside of the door in the tack room/medicine room.

We will be putting these shoes on Leo and Junior. They have borrium put on the heels and toes. Think of them as cleats. Called sharp shoes. They grip the ice so they don't slip and slide around and you can get a cow to the barn safely.

I can't imagine even thinking of putting sharp shoes on when we had a temp of almost 50* today!

Every one gotta help today! We are learning to be good girls. Two on the hay bale, Spook trying to pull her off! ha ha!

The moon rising over the barn.

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  1. Oh boy a winter baby. Sure is cute. Ol' Two
    sure looks like he/she is growing fast. that moon shot is very impressive. I took a shot to
    night but it is hazy here.
    You guys are such hard workers but the deep cleaning needs to be done to insure healthy animals.
    I love taking foggy pictures. great post. M

  2. Work never ends. Keeping things ship shape pays big benefits.

  3. You tell such a story of ranch live, beautiful but yet realistic,you let us in on the know that success is the result of hard intelligent work, love of animals, and the capacity to cope with the unexpected as a matter of routine. When we say 'oh my God how did you do that' You laugh and tell us a joke! What the heck, we are who we are, ranchers and cowboys and cowgirls! Thanks, Bob

  4. Aww a litle calf :) We had one the day after weaned (6 moths early) ours a couple years ago it was a surprise for us! We kept her and the cow in the corral all winter then sold it in April cause we were worried about the calf getting bred that summer. Was a good calf.
    I love the Moon shot oh and the fog one, fog makes stuff looks so cool!

  5. Oh you make the work look so beautiful with your lovely photos. Love the "read the label" reminder. And the pups in the back are so cute. Taker care enjoy your warmth it is -24c here whatever that is in F well COLD:) Calves oh that is a nice surprise:) Hug B

  6. I loved the trees in the fog and the sunrise. Your little dog almost makes me want another dog - almost! I understand completely about the bull issues. We have a couple of half Charolais calves after a neighbor's bull "visited" our pasture. But yours is a cute little surprise, for sure. Merry Christmas, Cheri! Hope the weather holds for you!

  7. Sounds like a bust but a very rewarding day and incredibly productive. Your hard work pays off doesn't it? :()

  8. nice shots, cleaning is a lot of work it appears

  9. RTFL... HA! We're having a "heat wave" around here, too, with temps near 50. I'll take all the warm days I can get!

  10. Those are some fantastic pictures. That is one nice and clean barn!

  11. Those pictures are awesome! I'm working on deep cleaning our tack shed.

  12. Cheri,
    You had a busy day! What a fun surprise, black babies with white faces are my favorite! Good thing you knew early ones were coming. Your puppies look like a hand full. How do you do it with 2 of them?

    I took Rosie to the vet today. Puppy check up and shots. She is 16.2 lbs and did awesome traveling and at the vet.

    Yesterday, we ran the first calf heifers through the chute. New tags, year brand, shots and poured.

    I foresee the day is near when we need to transfer pellets from the semi to the gravity wagon. It's a busy task with 2 of us. J takes a marker and puts an X on the tractor leaver I need to run and has arrows drawn on the hopper so I know which way to turn the door. Flooding the transfer auger is not a good thing, but easy to do.

  13. Your barn is stunningly, amazing, outstanding!!! It's the kind of barn I used to dream of. Your morning did look a tad cold, but then 50*...WOW! We got up to 36* I found 36 nice.

    Terry I took the four-wheelers and ran all over the farm was lovely.

    Your baby is so cute! Early? When is calving month...February? That is when the rancher who rents from us has his calves.

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  14. I thought it about time for me to see what is going on at your place...I am still not blogging, so don't worry with going to check. The barn looks so well made...looks clean enough to have a party in!

    Beautiful shots outside, and love that moon shot. And Two is adorable!

  15. You really did a great job guys! Kudos to your efforts for it is a rule of thumb to take care of your animals and make their place as sanitary as possible. A lot of work was done that day, but I'm glad that you were eager to do each task with enthusiasm. Have you thought of trying out other cleaning tools to make chores easier?

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip


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