Thursday, December 12, 2013

Breaking Ice

We weaned our replacement heifers yesterday and today we moved their mama's north. They have access to unfrozen water in a tank, but we also broke ice in the creek. Did it the lazy man way! LOL!
While we were breaking ice, the cows decided the feed truck was free access to swipe some hay off. HA!
When we went down to feed the heifers, there were 3 missing! UGH! While we were getting them back in, the ducks got quite upset and flew all over. There musta been thousands of them!! Then from a low spot, deer after deer came out. There must have been 50 deer, and in the middle of all the deer, a young cow elk! She looked so out of place with the deer.
When I posted yesterday about putting the calves "on the bunk". Its a big lot with a 400 foot concrete bunk that we put hay in for the calves to eat.

Here is the breaking of the ice.


Ducks waiting to land.

Deer and the lone elk. I wish I was closer. There was an awesome buck in the group. They are in the rut right now. Meaning, well, making babies.

These are heifers on the bunk from last year.

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  1. You do an amazing amount of planning to keep your operation running efficiently. I like to hear about it. A deer went though my yard last night!!!

  2. Much easier breaking the ice. Amazing wildlife around you

  3. Escaped heifers, frantic ducks, and deer everywhere - wow that sounds like a chaotic scene!!

  4. As always, really enjoy your pictures.

  5. Wildlife do add to the unpredictability on a ranch! I am impressed you had your camera along to catch the deer and elk.

    I like your close up of the black white face. It is fun to watch cows eat. Some of them savor every bite and others seem to inhale without tasting.

    Glad to hear the weaned heifers are doing well.

  6. I got some good pictures of the frozen creek too. How neat to see the elk. Must be more around somewhere. thankx for all the explanations. M

  7. I just love your blog. I learn so much and love your photos. You see what most of us don't get to.

  8. You have such an interesting/great life. I love seeing what you are doing...wondered what you meant by breaking ice the lazy man's way. I call it a wonderful way!

  9. That's really cool to see the cow elk with the deer...rather odd isn't it? I must admit breaking ice with a machine is the BEST way to do it!

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  10. Now that is how you break I bet it is awesome to see all that wildlife you get to see!!! Boy that looks like a great pen of even as can be heifers! Neat photos!

  11. When you have heavy equipment handy, you might as well use it. Haha! It’s nice that the deers are still out there mingling, although I have no idea what the elk was doing there. Have a good one!


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