Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Puppy Love?

The pups (Two and Spook), are getting vicious! They LOVE to play with Bandit and the cat Monk. I do have to say that Monk instigates most of the rough housing. Like hiding and attacking when they go by. lol! We moved the 1st calf heifers home today. Went to go make sure we got all of them, took all the dogs with us. We were in the truck. Spook was looking out the window at the heifers, like what? Told her "watch em". She started to growl! ha ha.

I think Bandit likes Spook.

Bandit's on the bottom of the "pig" pile! Ol' Monk has the glowing eyes. Waiting for the right moment to attack!

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  1. They are adorable. We are waiting until the other dogs are getting up there in age, before we get new pups. I do want to go with two new healers. I love my lab but I love the healers so much better! My red is a great dog, and I had a blue 13 years ago that was a great dog also.

  2. Awesome! Sounds like good times! ..and are good ones and fun to have around! Demon eye kitty in the last photo....lol.

  3. Those critters are just plain cute!!!

    We are home...horrible roads clear to Denver 45 mphs all the way. Back home on the same roads. Big crash in Glenwood Canyon that stopped us from 2:30 to 5:30 at Dotsero. Then heavy fog until we got in the house. What a huge trip!


  4. I can just imagine the fun...with two pups and a cat.

    It is hilarious at Lorelei's house...their cat Diesel will go swat Otto the pit bull...and then the chase is on. And he is just so loud...he does not walk softly.

  5. Aww!....those are some cute pics..It's funny when pups are in that rough wrestling phase.They are a lot of fun to watch...and the cat added in the mix is so comical.My cats and dogs are all professional wrestlers by now...haha!

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