Saturday, July 13, 2013

Climbing trees

The Monkey's have climbed their first tree. Stash, one of the bigger cats was in the small Hawthorn tree. The kitties saw him and up they went. Stash has been kinda like their leader. Pretty funny to watch them.

A heifer calf

Sunset at the end of a wonderful day


  1. Great shots of the kitties. Such sweet faces. The calves are getting big too. M

  2. Love the shots of the kitties...look at those sweet little faces! cats still like to play in my dogwood sometimes.

  3. Your heifers are really looking good! Excellent in fact. I loved those sweet little kittens. Heck, nothing beats cute fluffy kitties!


  4. Oh those babies are so, so cute! So is the calf. The sunset is awesome!


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