Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cats, Cows, Lightning and the Old Barn

We had quite a thunder storm roll in here last night. Thank goodness it didn't start any fires around here. It seemed to miss us. Went to the East and West of us. We sat up on the highest hill and watched. It was spectacular! I was only able to get one shot of the lightning. By the time my little camera was able to take the a picture and process it, all I got was darkness.
Here are a few pics from yesterday. And the old barn from last year before we painted it.

Stash in the back yard

Heifers waiting at the gate to be moved.

Cows on the Island Meadow at sunset.

The Old Barn - before and after.


Lightning Bolt.


  1. Love your little fence and kitty. So darling!

    Great lightning shot. I've never been able to catch one myself.

    So glad you didn't have fires!

  2. I am glad there were no fires even though I know you were ready. Lightening strike is great.
    Hey, make your pictures large again.
    Looks like you posed Stach there. Good shot.

  3. We are glad to hear you had no fires to fight. Congrats on the lightening shot: lots of patients, timing, and some luck. You have got the heifers trained so they know it's time to move? Good cow, sit, come, stay! Take care, Bob

  4. At least you got a shot of lightning...I can just imagine sitting and watching the storm.

    Stash looks like a friends kitty...and the barn looks dressed up and ready to go now.

  5. Geez! You got a cool lightening strike! I can't ever seem to be able to capture one. I love your barn...really nice! Did you do the painting yourself!


  6. That's a good tour of the ranch. I like thunderstorms. Like you I like to sit out and watch them.

  7. Is that lightning picture your capture?? WOW. Amazing. I love thunderstorms. I've always found a lot of romanticism in them.

  8. Wonderful, wonderful pictures! I would love to see where you live in person.
    We haven't had one good thunder storm yet. I miss them. Lucky you!

  9. No rain? At least you didn't have a fire. J and I raked and baled all day. It got up to a breezy 91*. Today is a little warmer.

    We have business band radios and have the local fire departments programmed into our radios. J is on our community department and we have a fire unit at our place. Apparently since I am home full time, I am his new assistant. Any who, I heard of 2 or 3 fires yesterday afternoon. Sounded like they were started putting up hay.

    You tackled painting a barn! I hope you had help and it looks great.

    Ranch Wife Robyn

  10. LOVE the new painted barn and the lightning great shot. All your photos are wonderful. Back to work for me:) B

  11. Wow nice lightning shot! I have never gotten one, still trying. The barn sure looks cool now all painted up too.

  12. It's amazing what a coat of fresh paint will do for an old barn. It looks brand new! We've been pounded with lightning almost daily for the last 3 weeks as the peak of our summer monsoon season draws near. It just killed a guy on the shore of a nearby lake last weekend.


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