Thursday, December 18, 2014

a foggy day

Its been damp and foggy here. The weather is not typical December weather for the channeled scablands. Its been in the low 40's! Frosty mornings here and there. With it being so damp, it makes it seem colder!
Feeding cows in the morning, hauling hay the rest of the day. I like feeding the cows. Cameron and I take turns feeding or driving. I prefer to walk along side the feed truck pulling off the hay. The cows give me my space and then I get to pet them! HA! When half the hay is off, I hop on the back and toss the rest off. If you wondered, there is a science to feeding. Two cow lengths between each flake. That way they don't step all over the hay and poop and pee on the flakes. Making sure everyone gets their fair share, that creates less pushing and shoving. And that makes this cowgirl happy when her cows are happy. :)

These were taken as I was standing in the backyard. The view is awesome.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

The hay wagon

The weather here has been almost spring like. Except the frost in the mornings. It sure doesn't feel like the middle of December. Mild temps and blue skies. Trust me I'm not complaining at all!
We've been feeding cows every morning. It doesn't take them long to know when the food truck shows up! They're usually waiting for us.


Surrounded by cows!
The morning sunrise.
 I love how the sun reflects on the trees.
 My owl buddy is still hanging around.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Vegas was a blast! It was in the upper 60's, sunny and warm! Now I know why people fly south for the winter! Went to Cowboy Christmas, WOW! Talk about a lot of stuff! Very cool stuff. Went to the NFR. Had great seats and enjoyed the show. Also went and saw Rodney Carrington! Oh my! I laughed so hard my sides hurt...But that could have been from the massage I had the night before. :) Did a bunch of shopping too! And the people watching was awesome! HA! I got to be part of a street magicians act! LOL! That was fun!  I took pictures but not enough. LOL! Most are from the airport, on the plane and from the hotel window! Here's a few. I'll leave it at that. Like they say, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! :)

Airport in Salt Lake City Utah. What a gorgeous place!

Vegas and the view from the bar in the lobby. Palm Trees?

Ran into this guy at the mall. I did sit and talk with him.

NFR and Rodney Carrington.

View from the hotel room.

Cheri in the clouds. HA! I didn't realize my image was in the window until I looked at the picture!

Above the clouds on our way home. I LOVE flying. Its so beautiful!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh Chute

Tuesday and Thursday we pregged and worked all the cows in the new hydraulic chute. Oh what a nice luxury! The cows went in so nice, didn't buck around in there and went out so quiet! The humming noise of the motor was very quiet. In fact I tuned it out and never really heard it. The horses in the barn were a little freaked out at first, but got over it really quick. We next work the coming 2 year old heifers and the bulls. Then calving February 1!! :)

Spook and Two driving the feed truck! lol! Pardon the dirty windshield.

Leo just waiting for a get away. Tuesday was COLD but sunny. Thursday was warmer, but freezing rain!

The chute as we were installing it. So shiny and new!

In the chute.

Getting preg checked. Yep, just like that! The new shininess has worn off quick!

My little cattle pusher. Spook nips the nose if the try to jump up. Over and under!

Cows and now weaned heifers.

And now a  nice little vacay! Vegas here we come! :) My sisters birthday and the NFR! WHoooHOOO!

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