Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh Chute

Tuesday and Thursday we pregged and worked all the cows in the new hydraulic chute. Oh what a nice luxury! The cows went in so nice, didn't buck around in there and went out so quiet! The humming noise of the motor was very quiet. In fact I tuned it out and never really heard it. The horses in the barn were a little freaked out at first, but got over it really quick. We next work the coming 2 year old heifers and the bulls. Then calving February 1!! :)

Spook and Two driving the feed truck! lol! Pardon the dirty windshield.

Leo just waiting for a get away. Tuesday was COLD but sunny. Thursday was warmer, but freezing rain!

The chute as we were installing it. So shiny and new!

In the chute.

Getting preg checked. Yep, just like that! The new shininess has worn off quick!

My little cattle pusher. Spook nips the nose if the try to jump up. Over and under!

Cows and now weaned heifers.

And now a  nice little vacay! Vegas here we come! :) My sisters birthday and the NFR! WHoooHOOO!

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  1. Love the picture of the dogs driving the truck :D
    To me it doesn't look as if it all went smooth and easy -
    it looks more like the cows were very frightened and
    shit into their non existing pants ;) :D

    I wish you a great time in Vegas (don't spend too much money!),
    celebrate and relax as much as you can and give my regards
    to your sister :)


  2. The dogs look entirely pleased to be at the wheel!

  3. Nice to get some vacation. I'm glad you have fun helping for the holidays,I have fun being a secret santa for kids.

  4. Vegas? Well I hope you have fun, I think you deserve it!

  5. HAVE FUN!!!! I hope you have great weather!


  6. That chute looks pretty slick. I, too, loved the photos of the dogs "driving." Enjoy your time away!

  7. I used to work at a feedlot with a hydraulic cute, boy it was nice. We have a manual one that's so loud but it works so we will keep it. Have fun at the NFR! One day I wanna go to it.

  8. Have fun in Vegas, Cheri. Sister time, Cowboy Christmas shopping and the NFR, I don't think it can get much better than that.

  9. Vegas! Lucky you, I have been once and sure enjoyed myself. I agree with Robyn, nothing better than the NFR, shopping and sister time!

  10. Great photos! Hope you're having fun at the NFR! I've been to the PBR finals out there, but never the NFR! I'm impressed with the alley-way up to the chute as well as of the chute! I bet it is handy to have that "dog"walk built onto that alley-way. You have some great looking cows! ....and talented driving dogs!


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