Monday, December 15, 2014

The hay wagon

The weather here has been almost spring like. Except the frost in the mornings. It sure doesn't feel like the middle of December. Mild temps and blue skies. Trust me I'm not complaining at all!
We've been feeding cows every morning. It doesn't take them long to know when the food truck shows up! They're usually waiting for us.


Surrounded by cows!
The morning sunrise.
 I love how the sun reflects on the trees.
 My owl buddy is still hanging around.
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  1. Cows are twice as smart as we think they are.

  2. Beautiful ranch photos! I can't remember the last time I have seen the sun...been really drab here for some time. That owl is looking right at me like he is judging me!

  3. The cows really do get packed in!

    The owl looks quite wise... even if he's not.

  4. Your morning looks like mine, although yours being a much larger version:) Love the owl. Hug B

  5. Beautiful photos of your cows and
    a great sunrise! (I never get to see
    sunrises, because I stay up too late:)
    Have a fine day

  6. Nice to keep that owl. It may roost around you until the crows chase it away, they are mortal enemies. The orange on the tree is great.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Cheri! The cows definitely know when to come running, don't they?

  8. We have been enjoying mild weather too. Yesterday was windy and colder. The temp steadily dropped throughout the day. This morning is 18* vs yesterday's 32*.

    We have been caking or haying the "TLC" group everyday and caking the cows several times a week. We only have a skift of snow so the grazing is still good. When we go to cake the cows they perk their heads up with grass filled mouths and come a running.

    I enjoy your around the ranch photos, Cherie!

  9. Wow awesome color on the trees! That's a lot of cows to surround you, better not fall down! Although I'm sure your collies would be able to protect you ;0)

  10. beautiful sunrise images. love the owl.

  11. Great Owl shot. I think I will post mine for Wild bird Wednesday. Maybe???

  12. Nice shot of the cows! The sky looks awesome, and I do love how it reflects off the trees!

  13. Beautiful pictures! I just love that fourth picture!

  14. Love your photography! You are calendar worthy!


  15. That shot of the trees, wow, wow! I love seeing your part of the world!


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