Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm gonna take up drinkin!

Hay hauling has been going well....Until today when the fuel pump went out in the tractor!

 They won't have one in until Wednesday afternoon...

I tried to make homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot - OMG what a disaster! LOL! Oh well won't be makin that anymore! :)

Its been cold here. Highs around 50* low 30's over night. They are suppose to drop big time! Highs in the 20's, lows in the teens! BRRRR! I like the blast of cold air in the morning. Its refreshing and wakes you up in a hurry!

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  1. Beautiful shots, particularly that last one. The hawk must keep a close eye on what you do.

  2. love the first image. Is that your homestead. all such pretty images.

  3. Your photos of the sky are spectacular!

  4. I'll drink to that! Getting that cold here. I made cocoa yesterday, in a sauce pan. I don't have a crockpot, wasn't big on the flavors. Whacking chickens this week and finishing off the turkeys.

  5. We've been having beautiful skies, too. I hear you on the breakdowns. The baler has been one problem after another. They finally got it running again yesterday after two trips to the parts store. It baled another 70 sudan bales and quit. They were really hoping to get the baling done before this blast of really cold air. I guess they will get to freeze their fingers this morning instead, trying to fix it. A new baler is in our future. Merry Christmas to us! On a positive note, we did get the final group of cows moved yesterday AM ahead of the cold front. I'm glad we're not doing it this AM! Brrrr!

  6. Well, now you have some time to take some great sunset or sunrise photos. I hope the tractor gets fixed soon and you can get back hauling hay.

  7. Beautiful photos and country! Sorry to hear about your tractor!..that sucks! My summers are plagued with breakdowns using my old Getting cool here, too!...light snow/ice on the ground this morning for the first time. I've been seeing a lot of red-tailed hawks! Sounds like maybe we should all pass on the freshly made hot chocolate then???

  8. 1) I love the title of your post
    2) I have had way to many crockpot disasters to mention! LOL
    3) the Sunset photos are BEAUtiful!!!! How pretty and peaceful! :)


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