Friday, November 7, 2014

Cow Chow

Yesterday we started the longggggg, tedious, time consuming hay hauling. We had our blue grass hay delivered. But, we have to haul our own alfalfa. Took the big John Deere to the stack yard and keep the little tractor at the hay barn to unload. The John Deere can handle 2 bales at a time, the little Ford can only handle 1.

The day was beautiful. Blue sky, fluffy clouds about 60*. Then the winds kicked in. I like the winds when they work in my favor and whoosh all the fallen leaves outta here!
With the black sky and sun out. It made the trees light up! So pretty!

Big ugly coming in with a load.

Into the hay barn.

Bandit and Spook waiting too look for rodents! Spook wasn't a happy camper, she had porcupine quills in her face again! grrrrrrrr!

Black clouds and sun.

I don't know why the tree looks like its leaning. It was windy, but not that bad!

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  1. That first pic is just a very cool looking picture. 39 here this morning. Felt frosty. M

  2. Sweet photos! I bet those bales of alfalfa do weigh a bunch! If my cattle seen these hay photos, they would be headed your I really like the dogs photo! Beautiful yard photos!....things do seem to be

  3. I wondered where you got hay. Used to hay a lot as a kid. Sometimes we hay to spread it for new prairie.

  4. That tree looks like the wind was horrendous!!! Your photos are just outstanding. Snow predicted for us later in the week. I hope it doesn't come as we want to start harvesting corn!!!!


  5. Your puppies are really growing and changing, Cheri. I love your fall color tree shots and what a black sky. Any moisture?

    We got our calves run through the chute early this morn. The wind picked up when we were 2/3 of the way done. It's horrible windy; 60+ mph gusts.

    Due to the cold weather moving in we are working cattle at Cousin T's in the morn and cows here in the afternoon.

    Happy Hay Hauling!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog as suggested by our mutual friend Buttons! As a former farm girl, I can definitely relate to yours too. Plus, you had me at "I don't have a cell phone. Don't need one, don't want one" ... me neither!! What beautiful atmospheric photos of that black sky and fall colors.

  7. For some reason, not all your pictures showed up. Blogger! sigh!
    BUT, the ones I can see are so awesome! What a life you have girlfriend!

  8. Oh poor Spook oh I love the look of large square bales we only do round. Nice to have it moved. Love the pics. Hug B

  9. Poor Spook!

    I love those dramatic skies.

  10. This baling looks better than what I had to do as a kid. We had the small bales and they were all handled by hand...load and unload. Did I happen to tell you this was a long time ago?

  11. Oh, get that hay in the barn quickly!! Looks like y'all are gonna get pounded soon.

  12. Ominous looking sky. beautiful light in the last 2 shots. love the color of the tree.

  13. Hope you get all your hay home before any really bad weather hits. Very dramatic photos of the ominous sky and the golden trees.

  14. You still have some nice looking colors! Those are some good size hay bales. We have a few farmers around here that use them also.


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