Friday, July 10, 2015

Been Awhile!

Its been awhile! I can't believe its mid July! WOW!
All is well in the hot, dry channeled scablands here.
We've been busy pulling bulls, moving heifers and trying to beat the triple digit temps!
Its been so hot (in the 90's) at night that I spend a lot of time outside in the evenings!

Here's the moon, venus and Jupiter.  
Full moon coming up.
Hot, hazy, sun setting.
A friend flew over the ranch and snapped this awesome picture out the window! Yea, we live down there! HA! Kinda? bizarre looking landscape.
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  1. Wow, amazing pictures! Ranch life sounds typical......... busy!

  2. Almost a moonscape from afar. Have missed hearing from you. We had 60 degrees two days ago, but it was just a tease. Back in the 90's and feels like 100 the weatherman said last night.

  3. Nice to see you here. Oh the shot of where you live is incredible as well as the sky shots. Try to keep cool. Thinking of you. Hugs B

  4. Good to have you back among us! Your night sky photos are gorgeous. I tried when the "Star of Bethlehem" was to be visible in our western sky. It was prettier in person than my photos turned out. We had a couple of glorious days in the 70s, which is unheard of for July, but we are headed back to 100 and humid, just in time for the county fair next week.

  5. Nice to see you again! Beautiful shots, too!

  6. You got some outstanding photos! OUTSTANDING!!


  7. Good to see you post again.

  8. I am betting you are glad to see the days end with heat like that! So glad to see a post!

  9. Cool flyover picture, too bad the weather isn't cool though.


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