Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gotta love him

My horse that is! And, well, the guy riding him too! HA!
Had to go get a cow in that was having some issues calving. Love how Leo can walk through 500 mama cows and calves and not disturb any of them.

The cow on the right walking is the one with issues. Can you can see little feet sticking outta her?

Calving is going great so far. We've had very agreeable weather. Well over half way in the heifers. There's baby cows EVERYWHERE in the both groups of cows. One of the bottle babies has a "new"  mama, and they are TOTALLY in love! :)

A glorious warm winter sunset. Yep, blue skies and sunshine today.

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  1. Yep, see the feet. What a wonderful place your ranch is. Love these photos.

  2. Wonderful photos. Your horizon is so huge. And all those calves - so heart warming.

  3. New born calves look very clean bright and new. It's good that things are going well.

  4. There is always a serene feel watching new babies.

  5. It amazes me how nice weather makes such a huge difference. I like my job, but sun and no wind make me love doing chores and being outside.

    Hope your calving season continues to have favorable weather and success!

    I just love white faces.

  6. How did you deal with the cow needing help?
    Hope you continue to get good calving weather.

  7. I LOVE that sky pic...absolutely amazing...

  8. Love these shots of calving! It was always one of my favorite times of year!!

  9. They are just so darn cute when they are little! Love the sunset.

  10. I'm glad a momma mothered-up to a bottle baby. One less to worry about! Your cows are looking GOOD!

    Linda ❤⊱彡


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