Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finally Fall!

We've been busy the past few weeks. Deer season, house guests, an out of state funeral, shipping calves. And yard work! Raking leaves....

We finally got some RAIN! 6/10th to be exact. It has been long LONG overdue...But I knew it would show up eventually...The temps have been in the low 60's. Perfect for flannel lined pants and sweatshirts. Overnight temps in the 40's.....

The poplar trees are yellowing with some green still...
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dusty Day Fence

My favorite things. Cowboys, cows, a good horse, a good dog and a straight fence line!

The other day we brought the  cows with heifer babies in to wean and ship the calves.
It has been dry and dusty here. It was a coolish morning when we started. But warmed up to 84*! About 15 - 20*  above normal..Suppose to cool down they say.

Cameron and Two bringing the cows up the "neck". Pretty straight fence. I could never understand why the cow trails are never straight.

What are you guys lookin' at?

Just Spook guarding the gate.

For more fences and gates head on over to the Run Around Ranch.......

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weaning / shipping heifers

Today we weaned and shipped a truck load of heifers to Valentine Nebraska where they will go on to be replacement heifers for someone else.
It was a HOT day! 84*! Unusual for shipping..Usually we are bundled up with hand warmers and foot warmers. Not today! Tank tops and sweat!

Spook and I guarding the gate.

Cameron and Two bringing them up the "neck".

Two gettin' after a straggler.

Me on my long legged pony.

Mama's telling the babies they will be fine.

The last of the heifers going up the loading alley. Mamas on the other side.

The remaining of the feeders that will stay until we wean the steers.

Tonight's moon. Early tomorrow will be a full lunar eclipse. Starts here at 2:15 am - 5:45ampacific time. I hope to catch some of it. Hopefully.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dang it!!

Poor Two!!
Thank goodness they weren't IN her mouth! 
Clip the ends off. Drip some Campho-Phenique or anbesel ( the baby teething stuff) on the area where the quills are, then pull with pliers. 
Poor Two! She was so embarrassed! 
But, she feels better now. 

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