Sunday, September 28, 2014

Here's your sign......

Some silliness and some serious signs around the ranch.

At the cattle guard in front of the front yard.

What dog? We have 4! LOL!

Watch for trains. No light, no arm and no whistle...And yep, that's a tunnel on a corner. You have 5 - 10 seconds from the time you see the train to get across the tracks!

By the front door..

In the back yard...

Some silliness....

It makes a statement. There's one at the south end and one at the north end on the only 2 main roads in here.

At the parents house.
Kinda a sign...The flag is in the yard here. I fly it 24/7/365.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

My workin' girl

We worked the steers today and I let Spook do all the work! HA! I am SO impressed with her. She has it down. Not afraid of the cows. And LOVES to work. It was a LONG LOOOOONG day! My arse is a draggin'!

We had a light layer of fog this morning.

Then down to get the horses caught and head out to get all the steer pairs in.

Waiting for cows to come down outta the rocks. That's Spook laying down tempting the calves! HA!

Uh - Oh! Here comes mama!

Retreat a little. Give her some space. No need for her to chase you.

Turn around and give her the stink eye!

Curious calves in the corrals.

Leo and I, and Spook. Pushing calves in the barn. Babies waiting to go up the alley, to the chute to get their vaccinations.

Spook and lil blackie having a conversation. Spook won! Good girl. Holding her ground.

Ahhhhhhh!!! All done! Time to cool down in the creek. A shower for me!

Leo taking a dust bath.

The reflection of the setting sun on the eastern hills. A beautiful fall day to work calves. Doesn't get any better then this!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ranch Cats

These are the cats we have here at the house. They are all sitting on the fence that goes around the yard. Too keep cows out! But if the cows pushed hard enough, they could get in the yard if they wanted! I'm sure the cats would scoot them right back out! HA! Yea right......
Head on over to the other ranch and check out some other cool fences.

And a kitty goose! HA!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Interupted plans

We headed out to start moving the steers closer to the corrals when we saw a huge smoke cloud.
Called around and yep, hang on ponies! Zipped back to the barn, unloaded the ponies, headed home to get the tanker truck and we were off!! Riding will have to wait until tomorrow.
They were mowing the CRP and something went amiss and a fire started. I don't know how much burned. But it was windy and that's never good!
Here are some pictures of the fire's aftermath.

The "Old Guy" manning the hose!

Its always nice when a farmer shows up with a disk. They go around the perimeter of the fire to create a fire line.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Round Two

Today we worked our keeping heifers. We like to sort our heifers while they are still with mama. It gives us a good idea how baby will turn out. Also you can see mama's temperament, is she nasty and flighty? Don't want the calf. Does she have a good udder, feet, eyes and confirmation. If all that's good and baby is "pretty", I like to keep them.

Today was a good day. The calves were well behaved and the weather was warm with a cool breeze.
Next week we will work all the steers. That'll be a long, LONG day. But, that will be behind us!

Mama's and babies headed to the corral. We will put the ponies away and sort on foot.

Curious little creatures. I sat down and the heifers all gathered round me. I dare not move to fast or they will scatter! Its nice that they are so friendly. Hope they stick around here awhile.


Come home to a beautiful almost fall sunset. You can see the leaves are starting to change.

And a gorgeous Canna plant with the sun lighting it up. Thank you Linda! I LOVE them! (click on her name and go check out her blog). She has wonderful stories about Life on a Colorado farm with some amazing pictures.

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